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Seven Effects of the Supreme Court Decision on the Cybercrime Law

Today the Supreme Court of the Philippines has rendered its decision on the Cybercrime Law – declaring the following ( taken from the FB status Supreme Court Spokesman Atty Ted Te): DISINI ET AL. V. SECRETARY OF JUSTICE | CYBERCRIME … Continue reading

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The Need for Digital Literacy

A woman whose email was hacked finds her private mail posted on a blog. A man finds his picture on a blog calling him a homosexual and HIV Positive. A girl being called a whore or a cheap on Facebook … Continue reading

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A Unity Statement on Internet Governance

A few days ago I returned from the 2013 Internet Governance Forum. It was a journey thar was both a sharing and learning experience. IGF is a forum that allows you to talk to different stakeholders of the Interner, government, … Continue reading

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