Seven Interesting Similarities Between Benito Tiamzon and Artemio Ricarte

A chasm of time separates Benito Tiamzon and Artemio Ricarte. Tiamzon is the Chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP)and the head of its armed component the New People s Army (NPA). Ricarte was a Revolutionary General who was also known as El Vibora and he probably has the distinction one of the Sons of the Katipunan Revolution who never surrendered ro the United States.

First, Both Tiamzon and Ricarte are core leaders of their armed struggle.

Second, Both Tiamzon and Ricarte rubbed elbows with the stellar persons pf theor movements and time. Ricarte was an ally of Andres Bonifacio amd also Ricardo wss a general who served alongside Antonio Luna and Emilio Aguinaldo. Tiamzon of course was with Joma Sison and interacted with the different representatives from the governments of Aquino to Aquino.

Third, Both Tiamzon and Ricarte never left the armed struggle and joined the electoral process.

Fourth, Both Tiamzon and Ricarte saw the gradual diminishing of their armed forces. Tiamzon saw the decline in numbers of his movement and to his credit consolidated after it was threatend with a split. Ricarte saw the emasculation of the Revolutionary Forces and assimilation of his former comrades into the American Colonial Administration.

Fifth, Both Tiamzon and Ricarte were captured and were able to escape or released,

Sixth, Both Tiamzon and Ricarte were a relentless torn on the sides of their enemies,

Seventh, Both. Tiamzon and Ricarte respectively along with Jose Maria Sison and Emilio Aguinaldo have become actors and witnesses to the fortunes and fates of their respective revolutions.

Ricarte refuge from the Americans were the Japanese. It was Japan at that time were most revolutionaries and nationalists found sanctuary and support. So it was but natural for Ricarte to reply of the Japanese. Years had passed and still Ricarte stood steadfast. He did launch several plots and plans, all were unsuccessful. Perhaps he thought he would never see his Motherland again. He did eventually came back to the Philippines , along with the Imperial Japanese Army. One of the pictures of Ricarte during this period was him dressed as a Japanese General. Ricarte or El Vibora came back as a an aging Velociraptor in a world of mammals: He had become a dinosaur. What must have Ricarte felt when he learned guerrilla forces were being organized against the Japanese. What must have Ricarte felt when he discovered Filipinos helping the Americans. Such thoughts must have visited from time to time and more so as he joined the Japanese as they retreated from Manila. He died during the retreat. He is now buried at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani at Fort Bonifacio,

Will Benito Tiamzon suffer the same general fate. Along with Joma Sison with Tiamzon be Mohammad Najibullah for forces of a superpower occupying the Philippines in a possible future?

History has its twists and turns.

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