Food: Coffee, Tea and Lamb


Do you know one of the stories about how coffee was discovered? It is said that a Arab Trader saw a herd of goats munching what seemed like berries or beans on the ground. Afterwards, the Goats that ate those berries/beans began to prance around manically: jumping and moving from one end of the field to other. The trader collected what the goats missed and discovered the coffee bean and from there we got a beverage that most people need every morning and has become the cornerstone of a food conglomerate from Seattle. Of course this is an anecdotal story.

Recently, Singapore-based Coffee and Tea Blend Maker Owl launched its line of coffee and tea blends in the Philippines. The company, which was established in 1956, aims to make popular its products with our market. This should be interesting.

For me what stood out was the Soothing Tea, which is ginger and honey tea – Singaporean version of Salabat. Although i should drink it sparingly, because of my diabetes. Another product that would be of interest for a diabetic is the White Coffee and Coconut Sugar.

These products should be out soon or possibly even now. How will they fare?


I once read a short story by Roald Dahl how a leg of lamb become the central and crirical point of a murder mystery and the blogger also read a book and then watched a movie where Dr, Hannibal Lecter ordered lamb chops for dinner before murdering his guards and escaping from his prison of sorts. These were a few things that came to mind as I listened to the Australian Ambassador and Australian Trade Commissioner announced the introduction of Australian Foods and Beverages to Metro Supermarket – grocery that is part of the Gaisano Group.

One of the questions asked during the press conference was what were the flagship Australian products that would be on the grocery shelf. And the answer: ” Beef, Grapes and Lamb”.

These are basically high-end products. And most likely Filipinos would eat this if they belong to the upper class: if they have extra money or credit; and possibly on special occasions.

The product most challenging to sell would probably Lamb and this is because aside from the cost, Lamb is an acquired taste. Years ago Lamb was introduced at Rustan’s Supermarket: this was the grocery in Cubao, beside Cinema 21 and in front of Fiesta Carnival. We were buying lamb chops. I liked it but it was an acquired taste. We grilled, pan- fried, cooked it in curry and even cooked it like caldereta. We even tried different marinades. Well eventually it worked we have roasted lamb for Christmas every year and i do like to cook lamb chops from time to time. Of course it also helped that there was a time you could buy Lamb chops when they were on discount or buy-one-get-one deals.

But yes it – lamb – is going to be a challenge to sell Australian Lamb in the Philippines.

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