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Hola Chicos and Chicas,

My name is Techy Becky and this is my reportage on Samsung Electronic Corp or SEPCO ie Report Ko on SEPCO.

The past two weeks has been a busy week for yours truly and so with our friends at Samsung or. They have had almost back-to-back events and press conferences almost hindi na kaya ng lola niyo. Fortunately, it was more or less spaced out otherwise ako would have been so kapuy. Kawawa naman me. Anyway my dears here is what was mega-announced at the Tres Samsung Events.

Primera — The Renewal of Samsung and PLDT Deal

PLDT SME Nation and Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation or SEPCO renewed their partnership to provide their business solutions – business paxkages – for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises or SMEs. Just like the Super Friends I watch every haoon and Sabado with Yaya number 1.

This brings to the SMEs:

– Internet speeds up to 15 mps – committed information rate or CIR (whatever that means) and Static IPs ( whatever that means).

– There are Six Bundles, ranging from 4 to 15 mbps costing from 4,000 to 25,000 kesos per month that come with a set of Samsung products.

For example the Basic Package called the Elite Bundles you can choose among the following : Samsung 3-in-1 Wifi Laser Printer; UPS or Hard Drive; and Max Bundle with a choice between a Samsung Chrome Book or a Galaxy Tab 3.7.

– Bigger packages offer more gadgets. Plus, you can customize the package of your choice. Packages that will please a wide array of businesses from the practical to the Size Queens.

Segunda — New Tablets on its way here

Mientras, On its way are two tablets meant to make a same-brand marriage between a computer and a tablet. Making kasal the productivity of computer and the ease of a tablet. SEPCO will be bringing in the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 inch and the Tab Pro 8.4 inch.

This would be good so I wont become kuba from carrying all those gadgets in my authenticated leather bag from New York, New York, USA and not New York, Cubao.

Tercera — New Appliances coming here as well

And then there is the Tres Marias of appliances that will many a household happy and gay. Oh.. i love happy and gay.

Isa — The air conditioner with the triangular design: SMART AIR CONDITIONER

– Comes with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology that makes it consume 60% less electricity than conventional air conditioners.

– It also comes with Samsung’s Virus Doctor -an air purifying technology of Samsung.

– Users can also use the Smart Wifi function of the air con to customize and schedule its operations.

Actually the air con had me at its triangular design. I am sure when I buy it My good amiga Strawberry will be inggit and make luha-luha as fake as her kilay and lips.

Dalawa — The In-na-In-but-Out-pa-rin na Refrigerator: The Food Showcase Refrigerator

– Comes with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology

– There are two layers of doors. The allows you to see and organize more clearly your food. The first compartment can be used for items often used, while the second one can be used for not used often.

Tatlo — The Eco-Bubble Washing Machine

– Comes with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology

– The Eco-Bubble Technology allows powerful cleaning minus hot water since the technology produces a fine foam that effectively dissolves detergent.

– And aside from its powerful high revolution per minute or RPM, The washing machine comes with a stain away program that cleans away the dirty dozen of stains: blood, cocoa, sebum, oatmeal, tea, wine, tomato, pencil lead, mud, makeup, lipstick, and grass.

When I first heard this I thought of Sebastian Castro s song. Of course this is not the same thing but I swear by the Eyes of Angelita I began to hum i want your bubble.

Apat but not the least — The Samsung Smart Oven

– It has auto cook for pre-programmed recipes

– It can be used to make yogurt

– Slim Fry Function

– It has sensors that can tell whether the food surface temperature is frozen, chilled, or fresh and can adjust its heat guaranteeing the food is not under or over cooked.
What would make this nice is if it came with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Technology

Naturalmente, This would make a fine addition to my condo at Saint Andrew beloved friend Amapola would be so jelly ace. Lalo na when she hears about the Slim Fry Function. Her oven from 19-kopong-kopong would be Luz Valdez.

Anyway that is all for now reporting from Tech Beat this is Techy Becky.

Papaya puesta, papaya partida.

Mwa Mwa Mwa

Techy Becky

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