Addicted to Pleasure: Sugar

Sweet and everywhere Sugar has given us pleasure ever since it was discoverd. It has also given us Diabetes. An interesting documentary on the hows and whys of Sugar and humanity,

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  1. Anna Bea D. Geronga says:

    I love sweets but I have never counted it as a vice. When I think of sweets, I’m reminded of childhood and Halloween, and maybe that’s the reason why I find it disconcerting to link pastries and chocolates with alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Sugar has been packaged as this innocuous substance that is found in everything we consume. As such, it’s hard for me to admit how dangerous and addictive it really is. Perhaps, the fact that it is so easy to binge-eat chocolates should have clued me in. When I eat something I like, I immediately feel pleasure and there’s this strong pull to experience that delightful feeling again. As an avid consumer of chocolates, I know for a fact how eating one chocolate bar could easily turn into eating five real quick and that, I think, is when it becomes a problem. When one loses control over one’s consumption of sweets, that’s when it becomes some sort of addiction that poses danger to one’s health. But how does one refrain from eating too much sugar when it’s found everywhere? How does one rewire one’s brain and retrain one’s taste buds when when we’ve been made to think that sugar is a staple? It’s so easy to blame our consumerist lifestyle. What’s difficult is how to go on from there.

    Having watched the documentary, I’ve been exposed to sugar’s bitter truth – it has become a vice-like substance engineered to make profit. It gives pleasure, yes. That can’t be denied. But it also poses danger when consumed in obscene amounts. As with all good things in life, it should be taken in moderation, and perhaps that is our challenge.

    Anna Bea D. Geronga

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