Suicide Squad is a Suicide Squad Story :)

You enter a comic book store and you pick up a comic book. No, It is not the one on the display rack behind the glass cabinets. It is also not the one with multiple cover editions or any of those gimmicky ones. But it is the one where you go to browsing old and sometimes discounted comic books. This was where I discovered and got a copy of the Suicide Squad.

In the DC comic book universe, they were the expendable team the government sent it to their job. Managed by Amanda Waller these shifting team of villains in prisoners did the government’s bidding in exchange for lowering their jail time or other favours. This was the darker albeit witty side of the DC universe. As expected the attrition rate: mortality rate of the members of the squad was one of those constant things guaranteeing a regular parade of comic book villains to be seen. The characters that were more or less fixtures – or those who did not die – were as far as I remember Flagg, Waller, Deadshot and Captain Boomerang.

It was not a comic book for everyone.

So one can understand my surprise when they decided to make a film adaptation. Well, not really there have been a deluge of comic-book hero stories as of late. So something dark and gritty may work.

The months passed and the long awaited commercial screening was soon to be. The interest generated by the marketing and teasing was over the top and ultimately successful. A day before the regular screening there were a number of negative reviews. Which made one wonder was the whole thing over-hype. Did marketing triumph over substance?

So with a bucket of nachos and a banana-lychee smoothie I went to the cinema and watched the film.

The story of Suicide Squad the film is what you would normally see in Suicide Squad the comic book. It had humour; It had wit; It had ethos; It had catharsis; And it had Jared Leto as the Joker. It was entertaining if you like those kind of stories – like me. Plus it had a good soundtrack. And a sprinkling of the Bat. 🙂

P.S. The film had wit and substance 😉

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