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Digital Life: Over-Sharing Online: Three Things to Remember in the Enchanted Forest

The Internet: Cyberspace: social Media reminds me of the Enchanted Forest in Fairy Tales. The Enchanted Forest is an interesting place. For Snow White it was a place of refuge against the Evil Queen who wished to kill her. For … Continue reading

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How to Survive Being Attacked by An Angry Mob in Cyberspace

There are ways to handle Bullies, trolls and angry mobs in Cyberspace. Dealing with one or two is different from dealing with an angry mob. Though there are things an individual can do to protect oneself from bullies, trolls and … Continue reading

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Frankenstein and the Angry Mob of People on the Net

Back when I was a young boy a thief jumped into a pond across the street to escape. Unfortunately for the thief a crowd had encircled the pond. This was the scenet that greeted the thief as he surface for … Continue reading

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