Dealing with the Monster Traffic of Metro Manila

I do not. It has been five years since I resigned from my job at the FT and it was also been five years since I have stopped my daily to the Philam Tover building along Pasea de Roxas. The fates have taken me back to the University of the Philippines, where I teach Science, Technology and Society twice a week. The pay does not equal what I got from the FT but there are several other benefits, non-monetary benefits. One there are more trees. Two no more need to wear smart casuals. And three minimum encounters with traffic.

In my Coke regular days in order to be not stressed about commuting to and from Makati one had to have a strategy – leave early and go home early was one of them. If this was not possible then go home late.Another option would be to actually have a bed or domicile in Makati then go home on the weekends. Strategy was also involved is using certain forms of transportation for the MRT one could take the round trip just to get a seat. If you were going to ride the FX or AUV one could buy an extra seat, so that one could be comfortable. And if you predict it is going to be long ride home (which happens 99.9 % of the time), always go to the to toilet to empty your bladder and move your bowel. And during the Christmas season always be home early or be prepared to stay late – until the early morning.

From the news, tweets and status messages on Facebook, things have not improved. Even the MRT seems to want to get away from the traffic by going out of its tracks. Of course this ascribing a human like emotion to the MRT, when the explanation of the derailing is more simple, so simple it can be describe in one word: NEGLIGENCE.

So how do you handle the serial traffic from hell?

I do not if I can help it. Only important matters and dear friends will make me go to Makati. If I do ever go I allot at least a day. The corollary would be true if one were on the opposite of the Metro. In other words the objective should be worth it, otherwise send me an email, chat me up or lets talk on-line.

A politician a few months before said the traffic was progress because more people were buying cars. Is it? Is it a progression? It is more of regression if you ask me.

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  1. THX STS student says:

    I remember reading a quote saying that “a developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation”. The ill state of public transportation and traffic in Metro Manila is at its worst I believe. I feel sorry for whoever said this is progress for us. Having seen and used public transportation in Japan and then going back to PH to ride the MRT makes my soul cry. Also, I really think there should be made new policies that will regulate the number of cars being sold in the country, or at least in MM. Banks and car dealers likewise have made it so easy to finance a car that I cannot help but think that this is one of the reasons why MM traffic is hellish nowadays. Let’s not forget about the fact that PUV (especially jeepney and bus) drivers are generally assholes on the road and traffic enforcers don’t bother with them at all. That’s not to say private car owners aren’t assholes either, but that’s another story.
    My thoughts may be all over in this post, forgive me because reading and talking about MM traffic triggers me.
    PS: I share the same exact sentiments about going to Makati. Funny because my ex-gf lives in Makati and we broke up partially because I just refuse to drive there.

    • Juned says:

      “a developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation” – Very apropro 🙂

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