PR Guy and Senior Blogger


Somewhere in the Philippines….

A long time there was a PR Guy using his Google Talk. He was a self-proclaimed expert in this and had several Google Talk Windows open. He was conversing:

PRGUY: Pre ( Filipino Slang for Pal or Bro). I will take care of everything just give me the budget for the hotel stay, the travel expenses and giveaway. I promise you will have your news seeded in media and social media. It is as good as done, Chicken Feed! LOL. Wat ya think?

PRE: hmmm that seems Ok except that I am part of the media and social media. Not your client. YOU FULL !!! … #%%^*.$@!!!!!!

And so Children remember to think before you click.


In the meantime sometime between that and now. A blogger went to an event. He woke up early for the event. He went to the event early. So early no one was there. He waited and waited and waited till he could not wait anymore and asked about the event. And then he found out that the indeed the event was there …but a week early.

Truly, It was a Senior Moment for said blogger.

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