Ghost In the Shell — I liked it

I must say in my mind there were some doubts whether to watch the recent live action adaptation of Ghost in the Shell. Despite the controversy and scathing reviews something pushed me to watch this film. I am glad I did. This is nice science fiction action film that has as its selling point Scarlette Johanssen and Takeshi Kitano. First Scarlette Johanssen aside from being a good actress is easy on the eye — you just want to look at her. Second, Takeshi is a joy to watch as the leader of the special unit with probably the best lines in the film.

Now, As much as I liked this adaptation but that is what it is an adaptation. The seinen manga and anime by Masamune Shirow is a different beast. It is thought provoking, multi-layered story that is a commentary on man and technology.

In the end I liked both films but for different reasons. The recent one is an enjoyable romp while the earlier and initial stories that formed the fertile bed that is Ghost in the Shell is an interesting and cerebral piece of work.

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