The Time I Lost My Phone Twice!

It happens from time to time. Losing one s things because it fell from one s pocket . At least in my case that seems to be the case. I have lost a wallet, a camera and a smart phone twice.

It is just plain careless and probably because I bring a number of things always. Anyway. Aside from my carelessness. This is also be the goodness of people.

I lost my phone inside a grab car. My grab app was inside the phone so it took some time for me to contact Grab via email and via the same app. A day later I got a call from my grab driver who informed me that the phone in the Grab office at Fisher Mall.

Not more than three hours later I lost the phone again.

I mentally retraced my steps for that day and decided to go to the place where it probably fell out. True enough it was still in the Gateway cinema house. The staff and security had kept it in their lost and found bin.

The experience taught me to secure things and more importantly not only the professionalism of the people at Grab and Gateway but the goodness of men and women.

And the wallet I lost before? I was returned a few hours after by a pedestrian walking along the streets of Cubao, with all contents within.

The goodness of men and women.

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