STS in Daily Life: Seven things about the Digital World – The good, the bad and the ugly

In this post you will find a simple list about the digital world. Seven all in all. The term digital world here is composed the (I) Internet; (II) the world wide web:(III); And (IV) social media platforms and human interactions.

Read the list and do the exercise that you will find at the end of this post.

One. In the digital world it is easier to create, develop, communicate, share, change and comment IDEAS and OPINION.

Two. In the digital world it is easier to communicate with one another over time and space.

Three. In the digital world it is easy to buy and trade.

Four. The digital world has been creating more jobs

Five. The digital world has given birth to crimes

Cyber bullying
Identity theft
Revenge porn
On-line scam

Six. The digital world suffers from too much information

Information Overload

Seven. The digital world and The Digital Divide caused by access to technology and cultural attitudes towards technology.

A. Two things needed to connect to the Digital World: (i) A gadget and (II) Internet Connection ( Another related factor to consider is speed and stability of the Internet Connection).

B. Internet Penetration Rate: Percentage of q population thatch connect to the Internet

C. Social Media Penetration Rate: Percentage of a population connected to the Internet who uses social media.

D. Forms and Kinds of Digital Divide

The digital immigrant and the digital native
The digital rich and the digital poor
The digital skilled, less skilled and unskilled
The cultural, political and social digital divide

Some questions we face about digital world ?

Multiple attention or partial attention ?
Connected but disconnected?
Is it the truth, a lie or just an opinion?
A market place of ideas or echo chambers?
Are we addicted to the digital world?


After reading this post accomplish the following:

Search on line for at least 5 news articles on science and technology.
Share via twitter or Facebook the article and the link to the article. You can rephrase the article title but you have to use the hashtag #STSBalita.
Example of a post Russians land on Mar #STSBalita https … (link)

All members of the class should accomplish this exercise. The Group coordinators will record and compile all links posted on Twitter and FB. So no need to put your name , student number and section for each post.

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One Response to STS in Daily Life: Seven things about the Digital World – The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. Angeli Marie N. Garcia says:

    The digital world is indeed a brilliant creation to ease communication among individuals, families and societies. It contributed to the betterment of our lifestyles in the following ways; We don’t need to wait for long months to be able to talk to our loved ones abroad, As a consumer, we don’t need to visit physical stores when we do not have time, As a producer, we do not need to worry about rentals, payment for utilities and all the other hassles in setting up a physical store.

    However, the digital world is as scary and complex as the real world. In the cyberspace, we suffer from too much information, from the extension of cultural norms that promotes divisiveness, from illegal activities that violates our human dignity and from ubiquitous fraudulent and deceiving statements.

    In the digital world, we should remain mindful and critical.

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