A blog by any other name: A blogger by any other name

I am an old-school blogger and to contextualize it I mean I have been blogging for more or less seventeen years. I have witnessed and participated in events that later that would bring about the present cyber-landscape. Bloggers, brand ambassadors, advocates, apologists, pundits and digital influencers are terms and labels that have come and go as well. The recent hearing on fake news have come out with an issue as to who is and who is not a blogger. There are those who claim that this and that person is not a blogger because he does not a blog. This particular statement breaks a smile on my lips and things of droll things.


If you happen to search or google for a definition for the word blog you will uncover aa lot of things. First, You will encounter the phrase web log which contracted becomes blog. A blog then is defined as an online publishing platform where a person: a blogger can publish or post an article, photo, video or audio. Readers can then read, perhaps comment and share the said post.

So …

Can twitter be a blog?
It was originally called and still called a microblogging platform.
How about tumblr?
If you based it on the definition of a blog, Then yes.
Can Facebook be a blog?
Similar to tumblr you can also use it as a blog. The most obvious would be for FB pages.

So a blogger is a blogger on any other web and wed sharing publishing platforms.

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