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STS Exercise : The Scientific Method

Follow the instructions and sequence you will find below. Read and view with an open mind. Then write your comments on the Scientific Method in this post. Step 1. Read the following Links: The scientific method: How the scientific method is … Continue reading

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STS: Blade Runner 1982 (STS Class X4 mid year 2017)

Good Day! After watching the film Blade Runner. Briefly and straight to the point the following three questions via commenting on this post. Note all comments are moderated and will not appear immeidately, so no need comment repeatedly. Here are … Continue reading

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Martial Law: Now and Then

My first memory of the 1972 Martial Law was a tv set that only displayed cartoons and on the radio only static noise was heard. Other memories include Ferdinand Marcos (FM) appearing on all four television stations. Then there were … Continue reading

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