A Proposed Oversight Project for Good Governance

The post-rally online fireworks about the Million People March at Makati last October 4 seems to be leveling off. Amidst talks of conspiracy, hijacking; colorful name calling ( from Leftists, middle class, Yellow Zombies, Pro-Aquino apologists and syndicate); and aggressive and passive aggressive snarks coming as tweets and facebook statuses the rally has come and go. What has happened and what does the future hold for the movement against pork and corruption?

About the Scrap Pork Network and its collective stand.

The Scrap Pork Network (SPN)held several press conferences, flash events, and talks promoting the October 4 rally and the network’s goal. SPN is a network of individuals and groups whose aims includes the (1) Abolition of Pork and Inclusion of all government funds into budgetary oversight; (2) a complete investigation of the pork barrel scandal and the charging of all those involved, irregardless of political affiliations; (3) Implementation of reforms in the manner the budget is managed and guarded (oversight).

This was at least what I understood and taken away from the meeting with the members of ScrapPork Network. Issues have been flying around online diluting these goals. Given the mixed messages going around and subsequent ezhanges on-line the SPN has to increase the volume of its messages – making it appear on their Internet real estate: website; Facebook and Twitter. Otherwise it would be drowned by other opinion that could be not representative of the network.

Imternet Real Estate of SPN

/blog: Scrapporknetwork.com
Twitter: scrap_pork
Facebook: fb/scrappork

Quo Vadis: Where to now SPN?

After the rally what would the SPN do now? More rallies? More protests? Rallies and protests are but one means of pursuing the cause. I do not think it is the only thing that could be done.

What do you do with a network whose majority are probably connected to the Internet? What do you do with a movement that is interconnected online? How do you mend an assembly of interconnected people divided by ideological differences? How do you mend and overcome the mutual suspicion?

For me one solution seems to be the establishment of an non-political oversight project that will receive, evaluate and report on how the money is spent. The project primary aim would be oversight not prosecution nor legislation – this will come in later with possibly another project. It s aim would be to watch Government – Executive, Legislative and Judiciary – and let the public know what is happening. It aims to ask the questions not only at the national but also at the local level. Ask questions that needs to be asked.

First, This project would be powered by individual citizens who will watch the Government and protect the country. Second, This project would rely heavily on Information Communication Technology the latest and most practical to communicate, coordinate. Collect, collate and distribute information. Third, The project would rely on a process of evaluation an procedure to ensure reliability of information. Fourth, The would rely on the diverse and wide range of skills and talents of its volunteers. Fifth, this project needs to be supported but not from political groups nor political action groups. Does this exclude anyone from a political group? No. This just means you leave your political biases at the doorstep.

I read somewhere that something like this may have been suggested. This is my suggestion on how it should he done because I believe there is an opportunity here to do this and not rely solely on rallies, lobbying, elections, and coups.

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