Making Training Count

It has been two or has it been three years since I left the corporate world. And anyone familiar with the corporate world would know one of the more familiar rituals is the seminar. Each year the company allots work hours and spend money to have their employees educated. From time management seminars; technical training; management courses; and of course the team building workshops. These range from the useful; less useful; useless; and those that are a waste time and money. Happy are those employees who have been subjected to the useful seminars and my sympathy to those who have not – at least I hope the food was palatable.

Speaking of lunch last August, I had the pleasure to dine with Armi Trenas of Learning & Performance Partners Inc and the talked from her career that brought her around the world working for Bank Megara, the Central Bank of Malaysia, and the United Nations that took her to Africa. Her expertise Instructional Design. In the Philippines she conducted employee training for the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP); Globe; GMA 7; and local banks.

The conversation went to the importance of education in business. And what struck me as important were two things that made it different from the other seminars. First, Was the importance of the training and seminar to fit the needs and profiles of the company and its employees. Second, the necessary step of installing an actual feedback and evaluation seminar, something lacking in a number of seminars I have seen both corporate sponsored and those offered for individuals.

If you are interested to learn more about Armi and her innovative take on the training seminars check out her website.

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