The Puruntong Principle

I have never knew him but I knew of him. He came to be known to me through the television and silver screen. He was Glory; He was Tansan; He was John Puruntong; He was Kevin Cosme; He was a Tikbalang; and he was even Darna … Kuno. He was Dolphy.

Growing up I got to know him because of his movies and television shows. His body of work is extensive and diverse. Most people would remember him for playing two types of roles the underdog representation of the common man and a homosexual. But his roles were much more. Perhaps because I have watched a number of old films I was made aware of this and I guess it also helped that our yaya introduced to a number of his movies it was several, and although I have not seen all of them i have seen enough to know that Dolphy’s characters are more than just stereotypes.

John Puruntong and Kevin Cosme

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John & Marsha to Home Along Da Riles
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The family man who tries to make ends meet in order for his family to survive. And every week for several years the audience has witnessed the misadventures of the Purontong and later the Cosme family as they try to forge a decent life despite problems and contravidas – a monster in -law and her toady: Dona Delilah Vda d Jones and Matutina – or terror officemates – Steve. It makes us laugh because we are familiar with it. Like John Puruntong we have our problems and monsters … And humor has a way of reliving the stress; distancing the problem; giving the tyrants what they deserve … Comeuppance and ridicule ; and perhaps even a way to solve our problems.

Perhaps this is why John and Marsha seems to be etched on our soul: our psyche. Of course when I say us and our those of us who have been touched by the comedy of Dolphy. Perhaps this is why Puruntong Shorts came to be known as Puruntong shorts.

Comedy Skills

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Spoofs: Barilan sa Baboy Kural to Darna
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Of course none of this would not have been possible unless there had been a correct mixing of talents, skills and circumstances. Dolphy would not be be Dolphy without the help of other people and favorable circumstances but the skilland talent of Dolphy made it possible to became a perfect pearl. If you were to see his early films , you would see Dolphy mixed a subtle wit, grace of a dancer, which he was when he started n bodabil, and a perfec sense of timing. In Jack en Jill he was able to make his scenes with Martin Marfil, who was trying to “straighten” look ridiculously funny with a mixture of subtle and overt actions. These three things served him well through the years. In Buhay Marinero he sang with Timi Yuro a pig-latin version Sitsiritsit Salagubang – Ritsisitsi bangsalagu or when along with Panchito Alba he would translate a song.

Gay Roles

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Dolphy’s role included homosexuals and would-be politicians
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Dolphy also became famous for playing homosexuals from Facifica Falayfay to Walter Dempster Jr in Markova. In fact you could group of his films in this niche. For me one of the two standout his role as Gregory/Goryo/Glory in Jack n Jill and as Coring in Ang Tatay Kong Nanay. In both films his character throygh humor and quick-wittedness his characters perserves and survives in Jack en Jill for a time and in Ang ztunay Kng Nanay proves the triumph of nurture over nature … Evn over stereotypes.

A Sense of Humor and Resiliency

Jul 12, 2012 2:51 PM The Panchito and Dolphy Duo
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Maybe the best legacy one got from watching nearly all Dolphynalia woild be the lesson from another great Comedian and his alter-ego: Charlie Chaplin and the Tramp. And the lesson would be that resiliency and humor go hand in hand. In order cope, survive and succeed we all hqve to try, try and try but not lose our sense of humor.

So to all of us John Purunton’s out there: Tayo ay magsumikap at wag lumimot na tumuwa orthe John Purontong Principle: Magsumikap Ka at tumawa or Work Hard and Persevere but do not lose your sense of humor)

Some of Dolphy’s films: Dolphy has been in the Filipno Film Industry for years and because of this has a large body of work. Some like Jack En Jill,are available on DVD; some are still shown on television and cable from time to time. While others can be seen online.

Mga Kandidatong Pulpol
Comedy film poking fun at politics and elections. This has not lost its edge.

Dolphy and Panchito n Buhay Bombero
Dolphy becomes a fireman. H becomes the bane of his immediate superior Panchito. In this clip you will see Dely Atay-Atayan play the mother of Dolphy’s girl friend. Mch later on Atay-Atayan becomes Dona Delilah. Vda, de Jones in John and Marsha.

Lucio at Miguel
Another film from the comedyteam of Dolphy and Panchito. The film rvolves around the mission of an angel and a devil on Earh. Includes mash-up song between Lucio and Miguel.

Dolphy and a talking horse called Silveria. Looking at tht films one notices are more active rebooting of themes and films in the industry. Some just as good but in my opiniom in general not as good as the films they were based on for example Jack en Jill or even Bondying.

Bayan Ko
Dolphy and Panchito sing Bayan Ko. The duo actually has a compilation of novelty songs. One even promoting Birth Control and so e commenting on the problems faced on a daily basis.

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