Facebook: When is a Like not a Like ?

Once upon a time in the Philippines a trade boomed. It was the Nata d Coco. Ut was a prime export to Japan. People attended seminars and set-up Nata De Coco factories all over the country. Business was good. Then some got greedy a d started to short cut the process of culturing Nata and began using formaldehyde. In short time the industry began to collapse. And the promised boom never came to be.

The other day I came across these two artiles from the BBC how companies were wasting money on Like campaigns because of fake profiles – Facebook ‘likes’ and adverts’ value doubted by BBC Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones

Furthermore, the BBC tried a Like Campaign with a bogus product and got results that pointed out that a number fake profiles and profiles not targeted by the Like campaign produced false positives or bloated figures. The countries where these Facebook profiles came from Egypt and the Philippines none of them were the target markets of the Like campaigns.

Here is the post from the BBC about the Visual Bagel Experiment by BBC Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones

Bad news for Marketers and Brands

Considering the millions of money spent on Facebook and other Social Media Channels it really seems that a person, brand, company or organization must be careful and wary in relying to much on Like or even trending campaigns. For one the numbers can be deceiving. And another such campaigns could be staged managed for the customer and the agency or who ever is running a campaign look great. Really it would not be hard to imagine the implementor or manager of such a campaign fudging or even astroturfing the numbers to serve his own interest … Leaving the company stranded on a boosted ego of a shrimp made to believe it was a whale.

It might be time to implement an independent audit of such campaigns. Even better test the skill of agencies and the implementors and set goals & objectives beyond likes and trending. Perhaps, Ultimately question whether the campaign go beyond the digital world?

Nothing New For Readers

Fake profiles and astroturfing on-line is nothing new . It is something the Internet is made up of – information, opinion, knowledge, belief and propaganda. And the BBC posts just proves this. Unlike Brands, Readers in general do not lose large amount of monies because of like and trending campaigns. There is a possibility, however that we may be duped by such campaigns into believing them In the end it is still best to question any claim and be wary of digital appearances. As a Buddhist once advised,”If you meet Buddha on the road shoot him for that is not Buddha.

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