On the road with an Iphone 4S and a Compact Camera

Hitting the road ...
Travel light. Sound advise specially if you are traveling between cities in a foreign land. The last time I did this I took around six cameras – fisheye, olympus pen; a digital single reflex camera with two lenses; twin lens reflex camera and an Olympus XA. Each time I passed through security I had to open my bag because of all the steel I was carrying. And speaking of carrying one could imagine the weight as we went to the different temples of Angkor Wat- with the last temple at the top of a mountain, hiking and one reaching the base of the temple climbing up to the top to view the Sunset, Next time I am going to take the Elephant going up.

So when I was about to go on a trip – traveling from city to city – I promised my self that I would have to travel light. This time only three cameras – two pocket cameras and a cellphone camera : ultra zoom compact camera ( Powershot SX 240HS); an Olympus Pen-S (a half-frame camera); and an Iphone 4S In the end I only used two of them.

The cameras did well and I was able to travel light. And the reason I selected these cameras?

I brought the Iphone 4S because aside from being a communication and mobile Internet device it was the perfect snapshot camera It fit into one’s pocket and one could simply pull it our and take a snap. The camera phone also was perfect for candid photography, it was ubiquitous; it did not annoy anyone and nor did it attract attention. And the Iphone 4S was a smart phone and this meant all post processing and uploading could be done via the phone. Plus as a camera phone the technical specs of the Iphone 4S was more than decent and from past experience it produced excellent snaps. One just had to know its limits.

Martin Luther King Memorial
Takwn with an Iphone4S and the Demandar (DMD) app

And the most prominent limitation was optical zoom. This is why I also bought the Powershot SX 240HS. With this small ultra zoom I had a camera when I needed to take snaps from afar. When I need to zoom into something this was the camera I used.

Aug 12, 2012 7:59 AM
Taken with the Powershot – the zoom comes in handy in such situations

Another instance when a compact zoom becomes handy

And if everything else failed I had the original Olympus Pen-S. A fully mechanical half-frame camera. The Olympus Pen was given that name because it was designed to be carried in the pen pocket, And since it was a half-frame camera it used only half the frame of a camera, doubling the number of shots that can be taken. It was also fully manual and required no batteries, you could bring it everywhere, specially where the two other cameras can go to.

I would have bought the Olympus XA but I could not find it in time for the trip.

And I think I did not make a mistake. The Iphone 4S was always nearby to take snapshots and for taking snaps at a distance there was the Powershot SX 240HS – which also doubled as a backup camera if the Iphone 4S ran out of juice.

Other things important to bring of course were the chargers, an extra SD card, and a lens cleaning pen.

This experience reminded me that the most important camera has is the one has at hand or ii pays to have a camera in one’s pocket.

At least two or three. Old habits die hard but its an improvement.

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