Sotto and Lessons on Social Media

The Sotto Case: Where to Next: Limits and Challenges on the Use of Social Media:

Senator Sotto will go down in Philippine History as the being instrumental in killing the RH Bill by plagiarism. By luck or by design what do you think? Sotto’s action and chutzpah has prompted a flood of anti-Sotto meme through out the different channels of social media – in Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, tumbler and probably soon in Pinterest. And it is no surprise Sotto has basically put on the proverbial bulls-eye and waved the red cloth at the Bull – the collective voices on the Net.

Sotto typifies what would be a lightning rod in the struggle to pass te RH Bill and accomplish what Sun Tzu taught in tactics define the area where and when to fight. Again by design or by luck? Stranger things have happened. But it brings us to point where we need to assess how social media advocacy works.

What is Sotto’s so solution to the anger, censure and campaign against his actions?

Stonewalling cemented by chutzpah.

And it works.

Why does it work?

The noise and protest, at this point,, failed to cross the world of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and other social media channels. So much so that another Senator has been reported to have said that it is a storm in the tea cup. And as politicians they probably figure that they could weather it till the next election. The anger in cyberspace is a good and strong punch but it has to be telegraphed beyond the digital into the real world. For it to be effective it has to be seen, heard, smelled and felt by the Senate and the Filipino people.


An on-line petition ( to oust and to sanctiom) is good but it should also be coupled with a complaint filed against the Senator.

Internet Memes are good but probably an actual rally would boot the cause.

It would be great to end tbe filibustering and count the voted for or against the RH Bill. See where the chips actually lay.

Take them out of office when election comes And this will require more than clicking online, it requires a commitment to go beyond the digital and engage off-line. And that is the lessons we learn about social media in case of Sotto.

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