Yahoo! Nielsen Net Index 2011, Philippines – A Snapshot

The results of the Nielsen Net Index 2011, Philippines , study done by Nielsen in partnership with Yahoo! Philippines, provides a snapshot of the Philippine digital landscape. The results were interesting and in it seems it showed that the segment of the Philippine population connected online has become more sophisticated, more engaged in its dealing: ie it has become more entrenched in social media. This is at thirty percent of the total population of the Philippine Islands.

What is interesting about this study is that in social networks people have began to classify their contacts. This actually reminds me of how Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory classify his friends as friends and acquaintance, setting of a talk between his small social circle as to who was the acquaintance. And the reason for this grouping can be varied ranging from likers or interests or to approving someone in your social network because it was just rude to say no. And which by the way is how some people describe us Filipinos as always saying yes … even when we mean no.

Another interesting thing about the study is on e-commerce how the middle class and upper class are leading and defining the way how business is done online from the use of credit cards to buy stuff; the kaliwan system – essentially to meetup to conclude a deal – of the buying goods; and of course group bying sites. The Filipino Digital World is still upper and middle class.

And the other interesting thing is the shift from accessing. More and more people are now accessing the Internet from the privacy of their homes and there has also been an increase in people using Mobile Internet.

The survey says that Filipinos who accessed the Web via internet cafes decreased from 71% in 2009 in 2009 to 66% in 2011, while those accessing the Net from their homes increased from 27% to 35% during the same time, 2009 to 2011. While Mobile Internet started from nearly 0 in 2009, increased to 5% in 2010 and remained at 4% in 2011. When and if the cost and reliability of Mobile Internet service and units improve and become more cheaper we will see the change in the nature of the Philippine On-line Community.

Here is the press release scanned and made available for your reading:


the scanned document in PDF format is also availablle – here.

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