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How to read the news and the five filters of mass media

There seems to be a lot of long winded discussion on fake news and its family. I am of the opinion that everything on media and the internet is opinion and propaganda. It makes my life easier. Here is an … Continue reading

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Links of interest: DU30, Akbayan, Hontiveros and EU

What has been described by the BBC as President Duterte’s fiery attack on the EU is intriguing. If you look into it you will a set of links that shows the interplay of politics and media that led to this … Continue reading

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STS in Daily Life: Seven things about the Digital World – The good, the bad and the ugly

In this post you will find a simple list about the digital world. Seven all in all. The term digital world here is composed the (I) Internet; (II) the world wide web:(III); And (IV) social media platforms and human interactions. … Continue reading

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