Aquino’s chickens comes home to roost

One does not hear Tuwid na Daan anymore and for two very good reasons. One, the Aquino Presidency II is over and Two, A number of personalities and projects of the PNOY Admin is now coming under the scrutiny of the light of the public — a not so flattering light.

1. Former DOJ Secretary in jail and now facing charges related to drugs and corruption

2. Former DOTr officials behind the MRT to face charges in court.

3. Former Comelec Chairman resigns amidst a cloud of allegations on corruption and bribery brought about by his wife.

4, The Chief Justice appointed by PNoy now under siege by an impeachment complaint at Congress with no less than a number Associate Justices baring information before the public.

5. The Ombudsman appointed by PNoy brought into a patental case of impeachment because a member of her office lied about President Duterte’s bank accounts at a media briefing.

6. The former President and his Budget Secretary facing a case related to DAP and PDAF before the Ombudsman’s office.

7. The latest, The unraveling of the Dengvaxia Project of the fotmer DOH Secretary after its manufacturer Sanofi revealed disturbing analysis about its vaccine — which the Tuwid na Daan Government bought.

Perhaps this are the reasons why Tuwid na Daan is not much heralded anymore. Perhaps this is also the reason a number of former officials associated with the Aquino government would rather attack the present government and deflect the seven mentioned cases. A number of these cases the evidences are overwhelming, giving one the impression that they did not cover their tracks and possibly because they assumed they would still be in power now. Unfortunaely for them fate had other plans and the curtain on their crime or incompetence are now laid bare for everyone to see.

In this series of post Aquino scandal it is not hard to see why they are having a difficult time being an opposition. How can you bee an effective opposition when you are haunted by the ghosts of the administration past?

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