Ang Kuwento ng Dalawang Talumpati

Ito yung dalawang speeches o talumpati ginawa ni Pangulong Du30 sa Davao noong nakaraan na linggo. Ang una binigay ng Pangulo sa launch ng ASEANn Chairmanship ng Pilipinas (coincidentally ang 2017 ay 50th anniversary na ng ASEAN) at ang pangalawa ay ginawa ng Pangulo sa Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industries Inc. (DCCI). Katulad ng dati lumbabas sa balita ang mga talumpati. Ngunit ang pangalawang speech ang naka kuha at batikos mula sa mga kritiko at ito ay dahil sa issue ng Martial Law. Nabangit ang Martial Law sa speech at inakala na ito na gusto ni Duterte mag impose ng Martial Law sa Pilipinas.

Totoo naman at hindi nakakagulat na ang kontrobersyal na speech ay yung extemporaneous. Yun nga lang sa mga balita ang na-highlight lang ay yung isang portion ng speech. Hindi mo maiwasan yan dahil limited ang time para sa news. Sa mga kaso na ganyan ang mabuti ay panoorin ang speech ng buo o kung hindi man basahin yung transcript ng speech. Ginawa ko ito kasi ang napanood ko ay ang speech ng Pangulo sa launch ng Chairmanship ng Pilipinas sa ASEAN.

At ito nga pagbinasa mo ang speech sa DCCI ng pinagusapan ni Duterte ang Martial Law nasabi niya ang sumusunod: (i) Hindi siya mag declare ng Martial Law para palawagin ang kanyang termino bilang Pangulo; (ii) Nag-bigay siya ng opinyon at kritisismo ukol sa anti-Martial Law provisions ng constitution — at hindi pagka-epektibo nito. Ngayon sumasangayon kaman o hindi sa opinyon ng Pangulo, ang mapupulot sa kaso na ito ay ang kahalagahan ng malaman ang buong sinabi; ang contexto nito; at ang ibig sabihin kasi hindi palagi ang quote ang buong mensahe ng speech.

(Ito yung mga transcript speeches. Ang pangalawa at sa mas kontrobersyal naka bold ang portion ukol sa Martial Law)


[Delivered at the SMX Convention Center, Davao City | 15 January 2017]
Thank you, kindly sit down. Salamat po.
Excellencies of ASEAN members states; former President Fidel V. Ramos; former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo; Excellencies of the Diplomatic Corps; Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez; Secretary Perfecto Yasay and the members of the Cabinet; Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea; members of the Senate and members of the House of Representatives; honored guests; ladies and gentlemen:

Thank you everyone for joining us today. I am truly honored and humbled as we launch the Philippines’ chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN.

It is a landmark in ASEAN’s continuing positive narrative.

It is an event to renew the enduring ties that bind us all as ASEAN Member States.

It is an occasion to reaffirm the shared aspirations and values which will lead ASEAN to the future our peoples deserve.
In my seven months as President, I have had the privilege of visiting our brothers and sisters in the region.
The warmth of the reception and the undeniable connections we encountered speak well of the inroads we have achieved since 1967 when the representatives declared the establishment of the Association as a demonstration of the collective will of the nations of South-East Asia bind together in friendship and cooperation and, through joint efforts and sacrifices, secure for their peoples and for posterity the blessings of peace, freedom and prosperity.
At that time, people were speaking of the primary responsibility of Southeast Asian countries to strengthen the economic and social stability in the region.
We recognized the need to ensure peaceful and progressive national development.

We expressed our shared determination to ensure stability and security from external interference in any form or manifestation in order to preserve our national identities.
Fifty years, hence, we see ourselves much changed for the better.
Lives have been improved. The march towards sustainable development and inclusive growth continues to take place.

And we have established amongst ourselves good neighbourliness that allow for secure and stable relations. 
But we also see in ourselves the very same burning desire to move forward together based on shared values.
We see the very same resolve to work together for a world that recognizes interconnectedness and respects for the sovereign independence.
This is one of the important lessons that ASEAN can hold to the Asia-Pacific region and our world.

But we too have learned many lessons. One of them is that the unity and cooperation that have defined ASEAN over the last five decades will be crucial to our collective success.
We realize that, in truth, there is still a lot of hard work to be done for true transformation that will benefit our peoples in the region.
I say to you today in full humility:  the Philippines – as ASEAN Chair – will remain steadfast in upholding the ideals and values we hold dear and in working for the realization of our shared aspirations.
We are committed to the building of a strong and resilient ASEAN Community.
We will actively promote and enhance ASEAN interests and well-being through policy initiatives, coordination, consensus and cooperation.
Ten years ago in Cebu during the 12th ASEAN Summit, ASEAN Leaders affirmed their strong commitment to accelerate the establishment of an ASEAN Community by 2015.

In 2015, ASEAN Leaders at the 27th ASEAN Summit in November of 2015, spoke of the aspiration to establish a truly rules-based, people-oriented, people-centered Community where our peoples continue to participate in and benefit fully from the ongoing process of ASEAN integration and community-building.

Today in Davao City let us renew the solemn pledge to do all we can for the very core of our national and regional interests: our peoples. 

For an ASEAN citizen, the ASEAN Community must provide opportunities for a truly better life. 

This is a life that has broken the bonds of dependence and ignorance. This is a life that has given opportunities for self-improvement. This is a life that is provided by a society transformed and reformed.

We must continue working on a bigger, more open and rules-based market for business and trade to thrive. We must forge on with increased people-to-people interaction through commerce, travel and education. We must strive for a region that promotes and maintains peace, security and stability.
At the closing ceremony of the ASEAN Summits in the Lao Peoples’ Democratic Republic in September 2016, I announced our chairmanship theme – “Partnering for Change, Engaging the World”.
Simple, short, yet meaningful, this theme will guide us through our chairmanship and will define the Philippines’ contribution towards the realization of an ASEAN Community.
We are all partners for change. Since 1967, we have endeavored to work together to bring about positive change for ASEAN’s peoples.
As a regional organization and as a community, ASEAN has, at its disposal, the full complement of mechanisms and initiatives that can significantly impact the lives of our citizens.
We can work to strengthen the capacities of micro, small and medium enterprises, promote and protect the welfare of migrant workers, and ensure social protection for the vulnerable sectors of society.
Particular attention will be directed to sub-regional mechanisms, including BIMP-EAGA which the Philippines will also chair this year. They continue to be crucial in pursuing development initiatives at the grassroots.
The Philippines will be firm in its advocacy to promote cooperation between and among ASEAN neighbors and engage our dialogue partners to be more dynamic and vibrant stakeholders in the continued development of our region.
In our work, we will be guided by the following priorities: We will place our peoples at the core; work for regional peace and stability; pursue maritime security and cooperation; advance inclusive, innovation-led growth; strengthen ASEAN resiliency; and promote ASEAN as a model of regionalism and as a global player.
This is a tremendous task but one that is not unachievable.

Indeed, as Chair, the Philippines has an important leadership role to play. 
But we recognize the truth that the success is defined by the collective work of our nation and in ASEAN’s entire membership.
In this journey, I call on all Filipinos to take an active and constructive part during the Philippines’ Chairmanship of ASEAN.
Now, more than ever, it is our spirit of “bayanihan” that has helped define us as a responsible leader of our region during this crucial time.
In this journey, I call on all ASEAN Member States to rededicate theirselves and commit anew to the principles and purposes behind the establishment of our Association adherence to the rule of law.
Now, more than ever, it is ASEAN’s spirit of community that will enable us to overcome challenges that we face as a region.
In this journey, I call on all ASEAN’s Dialogue Partners to be unwavering in your support for the ASEAN’s continued development and for its important role in the region’s security, stability and growth.
I also call on ASEAN Dialogue Partners to renew their dedication to the valued purposes and principles stated in the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation – including non-interference – in promoting regional peace and stability through abiding respect for the rule of law.
Now, more than ever, it is a time for real change through constructive engagements.
We are in this journey together.
This is a golden opportunity for all to work for an ASEAN that has taken its firm and secure place in the community of nations: An ASEAN that has its own significant role in effecting positive change for our world.
Let us all work hand-in-hand to make this vision a reality enjoyed by all.  
Salamat po.


Ballroom Second Level, Marco Polo, Davao City
January 14, 2017

I have here a prepared speech, (laughter) the run-of-the-mill type. All glossy and positive which is really fundamentally correct.
But, you know, I’d like to go back to my predicate of governance.

I remember, I said that I will put a stop to corruption in government.

I swore to suppress crime and criminality and allow the business sector, this time in a macro level to just do their thing and call upon me if there’s anything that I can do to help, particularly, the ease of doing business and corruption. 
Those were the fundamentals that I gave you during the last elections. Wala ho akong sinabi na graduate ako ng Cambridge or Oxford na matalino ako. (laughter) Just like what I answered the late Chito Ayala dito sa Davao. He did not support me at that time but when I won, ipinatawag niya ako, pumunta ako, he supported the late Zafiro Respicio. 

But ako naman, after the election, I said, tapos na eh. He said, “Rody, what do you intend to do?” And I said, “You know, sir, I will create an environment for business to thrive and to grow. Kayo ang bahala sa pera. I really do not have the wherewithals of how we should proceed, where do we start and when is the time to relax?” Ganoon ho ang sinabi ko sa kanya. Sabi niya, “Okay, that’s a good deal.”
So I started with the law and order. It was a bit topsy-turvy at that time, but I was able to talk to the communist and I was able to talk to everybody. At that time, it was really the movement of the Communist Party of the Philippines which gave us a lot of trouble. 
But I have this—we go some tête-a-tête in the mountains and we got to agree on so many things. And one of that is really how to help the people. And for them not to destroy equipments of government because sadly, I would tell you the first year when I was mayor, I bought a new tractor. Alam mo, hinulog ng mga yawa doon sa bukid (laughter) and I lost money there.
So I had—I was faced a choice of how to go about improving the situation. If I cannot go to the mountains, how can I protect the people? And how can the—you know, those little guys start a business of just two, three, four, five hectares of banana.
So I really had to go there and talk to everybody. Nur Misuari is a good friend and may konting ano ako on the side of my mother and daughter-in-law ko, as my emissaries to the MILF. So we experienced a little bit of trouble pero hindi ganun malala.
Noong Presidente na ako, I was able to get also the word of the NDF that they would be willing to talk about peace and when Norway provided the good offices for us to talk with them, we grabbed the chance. 

And so Dureza and Bebot Bello are there, nasa Rome sila ngayon. I don’t know why they transferred venue. Siguro, magpalapit doon sa Pope para magrasyahan ang— But I said, sige, I will just wait for a while. And when you’re ready, it’s either I will go to somewhere in a Third World country, not really Third World country in terms of finances, but a third country where I can talk to Sison. And after that, if there’s something that is really official and substantial, then, we can announce to the world that we have this agreement.
But there are things which I cannot really, as a matter of survival, in the sense that there are things which have to be remained with me for all time.
So with the—pasok ko na lang ‘yung federal system. Nandito man sila kay Alonto and they know that my commitment is there. I have committed to the Bangsamoro people, to the Moro people of Mindanao that we would work hard for a federal setup. 
Do you know why? And they would tell you, walang kapayapaan ang Mindanao. Walang kapa—We’d never find peace for us, for our children, for the Moro, and Christians and everybody else. Kailangan talagang mag-usap at ibigay natin. It could be a— something of a hybrid between the French system and the English parliament. But still, there has to be a sort of concession.
Alam mo kasi ang nangyari dito sa Mindanao, it’s not because of plain banditry, it has degenerated into something like that, but not all. The mainstreams remained to be talking with us. Nur Misuari is here, he said that—he called me that— he’ll talk to me day after tomorrow so that would be bukas siguro. He has his decision. I hope that you have decided where we should begin.
Iyon ang mga ano natin, ‘yung first, talagang—the fundamentals. We have to—But what happened here was a Moro nationalism. The rising of a Moro nationalism. 
Just like the rising of the Arabs now. Ang problema, because they allowed it to, again, go to the extremes by their several faux pas. Mistakes dito, mistakes doon. And you know, just like what happened in the Middle East. Actually, they were carved out by the Germans, Italians, British, America, kaya ganun. It used to be tribal then they made, they carved out, so it was several countries. So meron ditong Shiite, meron ditong Sunni and because I said, it was arbitrary in the sense that it was not planned well, they just carved out with the pin there: Ito, iyo; ito, iyo. So that’s what happened? 
The greatest tragedy there is that the Middle East was— maybe carved out by the imperialist, and it was the imperialist also destroying the Middle East now. Invading their country with the pretext of weapons of mass destruction when there was none. Thereby, undermining Saddam and eventually, killing, so was with Libya. And were it not for the Chinese and the Russians, matagal ng bumagsak ‘yan si Assad. 

But nakita kasi nilang dalawa na these guy’s going to eat everybody, there, but there is no guarantee of what will happen in the future and what would be left. What would be the clamors of the favor of those ousted? So it created a desperado thing and that’s what you see now.
Dito, when Magellan came in 1521, he had his religion, Christianity. Wala akong ano diyan. Religion is good. It molds us to our values in life. 
The problem is—itong pinilit talaga nila ang Mindanao because when— by the time he was there in Leyte, landing; Islam was thriving by here in Mindanao almost by 70 years. I took time to see the archives noong congressman pa ako. And it said, it’s about 100, one century, I would place it about 70. But still, well ahead than the rest of the religions. 
So when they tried to supplant Islam with Christianity, that started the bloody fight from the Spaniards to the Americans, and now, because we are perceived to be the successors of these two imperialists who came here to my country and maybe, lived for the fat of the land. So iyan ang problema. We have to understand that in the proper perspective so that we will know, ano ba talaga ang problema dito?
Ngayon, it has been reduced to a something like there’s a country already, there’s a functioning government. It would do well for us really to consider federalism. But not the type because of the scattered— archipelago eh. You have to have a president, a strong president.
So those who are thinking, itong mga taga-Maynila, about Martial Law, lengthening your stay, it’s bullshit. You know, if you’ll ask me, frankly, are you exceedingly happy or am I exceedingly happy, pleased or— being the President of the Philippines? I will answer you this one thing: I do not need the position at this time of my life. Hindi ko na kailangan ito.
Kaya ‘yang Martial Law, Martial Law? Mas bright ako sa kanila. (laughter) You know, this Martial Law thing was really— The Martial Law provisions really to defend the country, sinira na ‘nung sa Cory Constitution because of the hangover nila sa Martial Law. 
Here is a Martial Law provision, it says that a President can declare Martial Law in case of invasion, insurrection, and blah blah blah. But after 60 days, I have to go to Congress. See, to ask for an extension if I cannot complete or whatever is there to finish. And there is also a provision, another paragraph, which is a very continuous thing which says that any citizen of this republic can bring a case to the Supreme Court to question into the factual basis of the Martial Law. 
Ang problema nito, if Art, si Art Milan would go to the Supreme Court to question me if there is really a need for Martial Law at ang Congress naman which says that there is reason to believe; at ito namang plain citizen, tapos tingnan ng Supreme Court; anong sabihin ng Supreme Court, ‘no, kulang, it’s not sufficient to declare the Martial Law.’ 
So here is Congress and here is the Supreme Court drawn into a stalemate just to have the safety nets of an abusive, despot, a dictator. Saan ka pupunta ngayon diyan? So if the Supreme Court decides otherwise, and here is Congress, what will I do now? There’s no more control. 
Anak ka ng, sabihin ko, the three great branches of government, two are against one another. So, ako ‘yung presidente will decide. So you give now to me the carta blanca to really decide what I intend to do. 
Oh di sabihin ko, ‘Okay, Martial Law forever.’ Tapos na. Sabihin ng Congress, ‘eh iyan, may rason eh.’ Sabihin naman ng Supreme Court, ‘ah, kulang ‘yan, that’s not sufficient.’ Tingnan mo talagang— And yet, to think that there are about, how many of them wise people? No offense intended, pati sila Joker Arroyo. Hindi nila tiningnan ‘yan. 
Na-ano lang ako dahil dito, itong sa— I am now threading into the law and order thing. Pagka meron, kailangan, sabihin ko sa kanila, ‘Drugs?’ ‘That’s not enough.’ 

Tapos, nakikita ko na, you know, there are about four million slaves in this country. Not the slaves that you buy in the Middle East slave markets, but a slave to the pocket of the odious and despicable people. Slave na hanggang kailan sila magnakaw, magpatay para lang—? 
And the drug lords are— They have a chateau in or whatever, meron sila sa Switzerland. And yet, itong mga human rights, when they say that— another idiot said that I cannot— You know, tanungin mo muna bakit sila namatay? Ask what is the reason for this crime? Do not just say na namatay and period. 
You know, I have to protect the Filipino people. It’s my duty. And I tell you now, if I have to declare Martial Law, I will declare it. Not about invasion, insurrection, not about danger. I will declare Martial Law to preserve my nation, period. 
Wala akong pakialam diyan sa Supreme Court or— because the thing, the right to preserve one’s life and my nation, my country transcends everything else, even the limitation. Kung gusto ko at it will deteriorate into something really very virulent, I will declare Martial Law if I wanted to. Walang makapigil sa akin. 
And when they say, ‘Why are you declaring Martial Law?’ ‘Because I have to preserve the Filipino people and the youth of this land.’ That’s why, I said, ‘Do not go into that thing because I will kill you.’ That’s what I said in Davao, eh di namatay ka talaga. Anak ka ng— Sinabi ko sa’yo, do not tinker with this, it’s a very dangerous thing.
You destroy my country, you destroy the youth of the land, what is there for tomorrow? The money in the banks? It’s the greatest resource, the brain of the Filipino collectively to maintain the integrity of this country. Hindi tayo nagkakaintindihan diyan eh. Kaya itong mga taga-Maynila, bullshit! Do not joke with me about Duterte wanting to— Sa edad kong ito hindi ko na kailangan.
Actually, kung may magsabi mag-coup d’état sila, eh ‘di good. Basta tingnan ko lang ng mga tao na ang mga generals, sila ang magdala, ‘oh ayusin ninyo.’ I will swear them to office, ‘I, General—’ ‘Oh, sige kayo na ang magpatakbo.’ Kung ka ninyo, eh ‘di patakbuhin ninyo or Congress may opt to impeach me, fine. 
But let it not be said that I allowed this country, placed in jeopardy, in peril because I did not know what I had to do. Wala tayong pa-drama-drama dito. Martial Law? That piece of paper is nothing. Look at— Did it ever prevent Ramos? Ay! Marcos? Did it prevent Ramos from joining him? Enrile? Why? Sila lang pero, itong lantaran na ito, huwag naman ninyong— Sabi ko, talagang papatayin ko kayo.

Baka akala ninyo, nagbobolahan tayo dito. I called the mayors in the Philippines— 3, ni-lockdown ko. Kung sabihin ko sa inyo, ‘i-lockdown din dito. Sarahan mo ‘yan diyan, mga sundalo.’ Para walang magtsismis. (laughter) 
Sinabi ko talaga sa kanila, totoo iyon and I said, pardon my language because very may mga ano, “Putang-ina ninyo!” Nandito ‘yung—Can I have the— Break, break muna, inom muna kayo ng tubig. ([laughter) Can I have the—
This is the drug industry of the Philippines. Dito, pulis, barangay captain, mayors, a few governors. Ito na. Lahat ito, listahan. Itong mga pictures nila. (laughter) And Loot was there, itong gago na ito, General Loot.
Sinabi ko— Alam mo ang masakit sa akin, lahat ng tao, tayo, I am thinking that you’ll protect the people. Here is a guy, military man ‘to, kasi PC noon eh. Look, meron pa isa dito. Itong mga yawa na ito. (laugher) Iyong may cross, ay! wala na ‘yan. (laughter)

Ang listahan na ito ganito, puro listahan ‘yan— Hindi ko nga alam, may isang barangay captain noon, nainis ako, kasi binobola ako ng— binobola ako ng putang-ina niya na, “Oh, mayor—“ Iyon pala, siya rin. Gusto mo pala eh ‘di sige, patay.
Sinabi ko talaga. And I’ll be calling the governors sa— next week. Sabihin ko talaga sa kanila. You tell your barangay captains, may supervisory powers kayo and ‘yung— mga cities under you, ‘yung hindi pa chartered cities, you tell the mayors, reiterate to them. But I would like to tell you, hindi ko kaya, lecturan lahat ng ano. Huwag ka gyud magkumpiyansa sa akin, putang-ina, papatayin talaga kita. Believe me. Hahanapan kita ng ambush, lasunin kita, o—(laughter)

Totoo. Dito wala akong— Hindi ako aatras dito. If it causes my downfall, so be it. If I am ousted, I’d glad to go out. Coup d’état? Fine. Let’s have a change of picture. Pero hindi ako aatras dito. Tatapusin ko ito to the very last day. If it takes me six years, then six years, will be it.
Huwag mo akong— And I said, ano lang ako eh, ganito, I might be really a small time boy. No credentials, impressive ones, no nothing. But what I have is just a basic sense of my love for my country and for my children.

You get to realize how important your country is, kung may mga anak ka na. Kung ‘yung time na binata pa noon, it was a wild life. Pero noong may mga apo na ako, ibang istorya na ito. So it’s— At the end of the day, it’s our country.
Ngayon dito sa—kayong nagputok diyan sa Maute, they have all been accounted for. Nahuli ko na lahat iyan. Iyong isa diyan, anak ni Sema, mayor ng Cotabato. He is now detained diyan sa Malaysia.
You know, we have a good working relations with Mahathir and Widodo. And hindi pa dumating ‘yung mga fast boats ko eh. Pero ang order ko talaga sa sundalo, ‘pag na-kidnap ka, tapos nagkahabulan, and the Indonesian Army, the Navy would pursue you inside my waters , I said, ‘Okay, if we do not have any available sea assets there around, you can go ahead and blast them off.’ That’s same with Mahathir. Ako ang order ko talaga sa Navy, sa Coast Guard, basta nag-kidnap, tapos trying to escape, pasabugin mo na silang lahat. Sabi nila, ‘hostage po.’ Sorry, collateral damage. Now, if they are blasted everyday, that would stop or at least, places us in a very—and into a parity. Hindi ka lalamang sa kalokohan mo, talagang pasabugin kita. Kaya huwag kayong magpa-kidnap, sa totoo lang. (laughter)

‘Eh iyang si Duterte, talagang gago ‘yan, masama ‘yan, palaaway ‘yan noon eh.’ Well, that’s— Tapos na ‘yan. That’s a something which is a non-issue anymore. Wala na eh. Eh kung gago man ako noon, itong pagka-gago ko, gamitin ko na rin sa mga gago. Pero huwag mo akong— Kasi sabihin ko, ‘yung nag-bomba diyan, sabi ko, hulihin ko talaga. And we were able to—
?And also, I’d like to thank, of course, the Americans. I am not saying that’s a—Their imperialism days, it’s different from the— Huwag ka gyud magkumpiyansa ngayon sa— When you go out of ano, aside from my camera, iyong sa siyudad natin, may ibang camera pa, so ‘yung mukha mo, nakikita talaga. You know, one thing with this drone, anak ka ng— Sa gabi, hindi mo makita eh, nandiyan lang pala sa tuktok ng Marco Polo. They can take pictures. So we had their faces. So it was very easy for us to catch them.
Iyong iba, I am sorry may mga Moro tayong kapatid dito. Talagang pinatay ko. It’s not easy to just bomb a place and say, at least safe in the sense that we can prevent it, if you’re on time, ‘coz we are able to— almost all kinds of tao dito, nakunan na ng picture eh. But sometimes, it cannot be prevented but—

Dito tayo sa— Balik ako, may nakalimutan ako. Dito sa graft and corruption, alam mo kayo lang ang makahinto niyan eh, hindi ako. Kayo lang talaga. 

The Filipino guy must be assertive. Do not be afraid of government employees even the military and the pulis if you are right. That is what I guarantee you now. Kung gusto mo talagang magtulong sa bayan mo, you have the six years window, but I really do not know if I will last that long, but meron kayong window to stop everything. All you have to be is just assert, demand the service. Huwag kayong magbigay, you create a scene, at saka magkagulo iyan, I will eventually take notice of it.

Kasi ‘yung magkaroon ‘yang may away, eskandalo diyan sa Register of Deeds, diyan sa— Iyan palaging walang papel. Ako, basta ganun, zero tolerance ako. Kung ako ang nagkamali, pasensiya, umalis ka na lang. Tuluyan na lang natin.
Pagdating diyan sa Customs, kung buksan nila, eh ‘di kayo ang magbukas. Tapos, kung magbunot-bunot na sa ‘yung search, okay lang, maybe they are looking for shabu. Tapos ‘yung mga perfume na maraming—kunan mo may isang box ka? So, iyon ang ano. That is not taxable, hindi ‘yan commercial quantity, wala akong bazaar; ito sa asawa ko, sa anak ko, sa kabit ko, sa isa kong kabit. (laughter)
Huwag kayong pumayag. Kung may maghingi sabihin mo, ‘Ano? Pakiulit nga.’ ‘Wala, ma’am.’ Because on the national level, ang department, it’s used to be many years, NEDA, for all of its rotten, NEDA man iyong ating application for a railroad, sa awa ng Diyos, wala, hanggang ngayon. 

Ngayon, I am just giving them one department, one month. BIR, three days. I will demand now from the local governments, sundin lang ang Davao. Not— Sans the hubris, walang yabang, I am not into it actually, I loathe it. Three days, pag hindi, meron naman, binigyan ko kayo space for you to tell me. 

Nandiyan ‘yung 8888. Meron pagkatapos niyan, after the news, bakante iyan. Sabihin mo lang, ‘Office of the Register of Deeds of whatever. Itong si ano nanghihingi, period. I’ll take it from there. Sabihin ko umalis ka. Sabihin ko, hindi aabot yang pangalan mo diyan nung—
Wala na ‘yang Civil Service, Civil Service, putang-inang ‘yan. Iyan ang nakakagulo eh. Iyong right to be heard, oh ayaw mo. Ilan na dito pulis? I-assign ko sa Jolo. LTFRB? Kita mo, wala na. Iyang mga kurakot, ayun, 92 of them, sabi ko, ‘mag-resign kayo.’ Hindi ko na lang— para hindi din ma-insulto, kasi may mga anak eh. Iyan lang ang problema, we would really want to avoid also the embarrassment but sometimes we cannot help it. Kaya, as much as possible, kung ano, just go into the night without any ruckus.

Kayo lang ang maka-ano. Hindi ako, kasi nandito ako. Sige ako nagsabi, wala, wala, wala. Tapos wala naman akong feedback. Pati sa taas, pati ‘yung mga bid ngayon ng mga pantalan, it will go into a process.

Sonny is here. I have Tugade. Puro bright ito sila. Tugade is a billionaire. He was our valedictorian sa Law School. Sonny, valedictorian. Yasay, salutatorian. Vit Aguirre, cum laude. Si Lorenzana, sa Defense, si Quiboloy ang nagsabi sa akin, they were classmates in Cotabato sa Notre Dame, he was the valedictorian. Sa klase niya sa PNP, he was the valedictorian. Walang— Pernia is a emeritus sa UP. Briones, stalwart ng ano ‘yan, sa economy, in the National Treasury. Si Taguiwalo, well, she was imprisoned, ex-convict ‘yan eh, kasi ikinulong ni Marcos, ex-convict. Mariano, ex-convict, kulong iyan. Si Liza Maza, convicted ‘yan, ex-convict sa— ikinulong ni Marcos ‘yan.
Kaya ‘yung aming Cabinet, it’s a very, not chaotic, but ang gulo. Magulo, magulo. Eh ganun-ganun ka lang. Ganun-ganun ka lang, kasi pagkatapos, medyo okay. Lamano lang yan. Ganun lang ‘yan. Puro bright ‘yan. I have assembled one of the— Hindi lang alam ng mga tao, akala nila ano, Vit Aguirre is good— Kita mo napa-acquit niya si Webb. (laughter) Marunong iyan. Classmate ko rin ‘yan. May dalawa pa akong classmate para wala kayong duda. Bambit Mendoza sa Supreme Court, pati si Bodgie Santos. We were classmates. Iyong klase namin na ‘yan. 

Kaya ang plano sa akin ng Diyos, gawain akong Presidente. Ang plano niya nito, kila Sonny ‘yung mga bright, pina-aral ng Diyos nang husto, binigyan ng utak, kasi sila ang trabahante ko. (laughter /applause)
Paano ito si Duterte wala man itong alam, noong araw, sige man lang ito, bilyar nang bilyar nang bilyar. (laughter) Well, kayo ang nagkamali, hindi ako. (laughter) So iyan ang ano.
Economy, it will come. Huwag mo lang— Just show good faith. Then, for the most important really is, the leader must avoid the slightest, the slightest taint of corruption.
Ako, sa awa ng Diyos naman, 23 years ninyo akong—na mayor, not in my system, actually. I got it from my father. He was governor of this place many years ago. 

But it’s hard to— Paano ako mahihiya?  I was a fiscal and at the same time, wala pa ‘yung Ombudsman, Tanodbayan pa ‘yan, I was a special prosecutor for the Tanodbayan. I used to go around Mindanao prosecuting malversation cases, kaya master ko ‘yang disbursement ng—yung presentation. 

Pinag-aralan ko talaga ‘yung step by step, paano magpasok ng ebidensiya. Iyon lang ang trabaho ko, tanggapin ko, kasi wala akong ibang trabaho pero maybe, I am used to just—
Anyway, I think that we should have a respite of corruption. Ngayon, if you want your country really to grow, ayaw ko ng away. 

That’s why, I talked to Abe, I talked to— No military alliances, no nothing. I do not even want a— I want the country freed of foreign— foreigners, soldiers. Ayaw ko. Time for the Philippines to— so sibat na kayo. We’re good enough. We’re good now. So, hindi ko na kailangan ‘yang mag-patrolya-patrolya. 

Let me just talk to my brother Moro and the rest of— Maybe, from thereon, somebody should, wala na ako, maubusan ako ng panahon, eh ‘di another Filipino should stand up and do the right thing. Huwag na ‘yung kailangan natin, kailangan ng mga sundalo-sundalo.

Actually, sinabi ko kay Abe, hindi ko na kailangan ‘yang mga missile-missile, mga missile because as you would see now, sometime it’s Putin, who  is very conciliatory, and now, Trump is almost also. Disregard or ignoring the reports of the—‘ yung hacking. He’s reaching out. 

You know, if we start a war, a Third World War, that will be the end of the world. Kapag binitawan lahat ‘yang nuclear— Ngayon, kung meron tayong— itong si Kim Jong-un, itong buang na nasa North Korea, he is the wild card there, not Russia. Putin is just an ultra, ultra si Putin eh, ultra. But ang gago diyan, itong si North Korea lang. Kung mamatay ‘yang buang na ‘yan, okay na tayo. (laughter) And the Philippines would be okay, okay na tayo diyan. Okay na tayo.

Corruption, wala na ‘yan. Terror, hayaan mo na ang military. That’s why, I was watching with— I was amused to— I was listening to Ronnie Go. He used to be a pilot and he used to fly for me. When I was mayor, siya ‘yung—one of those guys that would fly the chopper. Sa CASF siya eh. So nakita ko, metamorphosis ng tao. The family and then a businessman. 

So kagaya natin, he has children, we have children or grandchildren. We should cooperate. Kung gusto talaga ninyong ang anak ninyo will not be thrown into a very corrupt— help me. All you have to do is to just say, ‘Excuse me, anong sinabi mo? Pera?’ Sampalin mo. I will answer for you, basta totoo lang nangyari. 

Sabihin ko, ‘Putang-ina ka, ikaw ang nag-umpisa. Papatayin kita.’ You do, gantihan mo ‘yung plain citizen, I will, kaladkarin kita. Hindi ako mag— Sabi ko, huwag kayong magkumpiyansa sa akin, ‘pag ako ang ano, talagang—
You create a scandal, you report. Place it there. Wala, walang libel ‘yan. Ako ang anuhin, ako ang mag-publish. That’s publication eh. But ikaw naman nagpapadala sa akin. I’ll just time keep it, but if I publish it, ako ‘yung—ano yan eh, may saying diyan na, “he who is the cause of the cause is the cause of them all.” See, if you are the cause, because you are corrupt, then you deserve what the succeeding events will be. He who is the cause of the cause is the cause of them all. So that’s my warning to all workers in government. Lahat. Lahat.
Ang hindi ko kontrolado, ang judiciary because that is a different department. I am not supposed to intrude, that would be unconstitutional. And, of course, Congress, hindi rin natin kaya. 

Makaya natin pagdating ng panahon, madali ‘yan. Wala na ‘yang 60 days, 60 days. Kung ang Presidente, mag-declare ako, my ground? To preserve my country. That’s the highest. To preserve the integrity of my country, that the more Filipinos, more attuned to the civilized practices of the world, and at least, happy.

Iyong iba ‘pag barya, the dirty job, hindi man ninyo kaya rin. Eh magsabi na, ‘huwag mong gawain ‘yan, putang-ina mo, papatayin talaga kita, at pinatay kita—’
Now, I’ll end this by saying: You want, walang patayan? No deaths? You want a city with no military men, no patrol cars whatever? You want na ang punerarya bangkarota na? (laughter) Madali lang. Drop your guns if you are a terrorist; drop the shabu tonight, and tomorrow, it will be heaven.
Maraming salamat po. (applause)

* * *

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