The SONA 2015: It could have been worse or stranger

Near the end of his Aquinoness penultimate state of the nation of address something comical happened. The Makabayan block revealed they had protest posters against his Aquinoness; Upon which they received boos from the Yellow Faitful including from the Senate President The Franklin Drilon who forgot his microphone was still live and bellowed BOO! What a way to end a beautiful planned and orchestrated address. The scene seems to jump from British show Yes Minister, Yes Prime Minister and Black Adder. Well, as the saying goes the best laid plans of mice men. Still it could have been worse or stranger.

It could have been like the canning of an American Senator over an escalating debate over slavery.

It could have been a brawl like what happened in the US where legislators rumbled and only stopped when one of them lost his wig and placed it back incorrectly, causing everyone to laugh thus ending the fight.

It could have been the case when in parliament people angry at legislators threw coins at them.

It could have been the case when during the night parliament catches fire and burned to a crisp. Heralding the ascent of a Fuehrer, Night of the Long Knives, Kristellnacht; World War II and Genocide.

It could have been the time when the Senate was introduced to its newest senator at the time the Emperor’s favorite horse.

It could have been the time when the Lord Protector locks up parliament and then replaces with a parliament that he subsequently closes in favor of the Protectorate.

Friends and Allies come close and assassinate their leader Julius Ceasar.

Yes, Things could have gone worse. The Makabayan Bloc or any critics will always do things to air their views. This is part of democracy. To zero on it and condemn it or worse to punish the perpetrators is foolish.

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