Happy Taong Bahay: Enjoying being a homebody

I am not sure if it is age but I must admit I enjoy being homebody. Our family had sold part of our house and with the funds were able to construct a compound of flats for each family member. The arrangement gave each of us a domicile of our own, without going far away from each other. I am not sure if this is a normal feeling: The feeling of not leaving your new home. favouring to stay at home during the weekends or even stay-cationing during the holidays.

There is something about your own home aside from the money you spent and keep on spending on it that endears you to it. (i) One would probably like the proverbial man’s castle one has customised it to one’s personality, prompting one say the Sheldon Cooper line that is my space.(ii) After customising, It then becomes your own island, As Will said in the film About A Boy I am Ibiza, and only needs to get out or go to the mainland to get supplies. (iii) Of course you potentially can save more money by dinning in, as Felix Unger said in the Odd Couple.

Not surprisingly the present traffic problems around Metro Manila and the dismal state of the MRT are factors that make being homebound easy. Add to this the human proclivity to spend time and money inside mall, it makes sense, at least to me, to be homebound. Of course one goes out to earn, to be entertained, and interact, no question there. But being homebound makes you more circumspect whether to go out or not. It has to be worth the trip back and forth – (i) family; (ii) true and tested friends; (iiI) a worthy cause or quest; (iv) And a worthy business opportunity.

In this respect, I think I have been fortunate to have a house and somehow find the means to live in it. And in the uncertain world we live in we need to work so that among other things we can afford to live in our home.

Perhaps that is another reason why I prefer to be homebody, given the amount of time and money spent in maintaining the home.

Also contrary to most notions there are a lot of things that can be done in one’s home. Aside from the usual chores, sleeping. eating and day-to-day tasks; One can have time to enjoy one’s hobby whether its reading a book, cooking, writing, watching, breeding fishes, taking of your garden, and a host of other things.

Come to think of it even as a corporate slave in Makati. Nothing can be more relaxing than going to one’s home.

Perhaps I have had my fair share of travel and experiences outside that today I am more fond of my place. It is 21 Baker Street: It is Bag End: It is Toad Hall … rather Mr. Badger’s burrow: I might even be Isengard or Mordor if I were Saruman or Sauron: Or even Tom Bombadil somewhere in his forest 🙂

Believe it or not I enjoy being a homebody. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages. And being a homebody does not mean being a shut-in. I enjoy company if they visit or if I visit them, well of course it depends on what type of company. Then again why would you invite foul company into your home it is akin to a vampire inside your house.

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