Kingsman: A Fun British Spy Film Without Emo

This British Spy Comedy Film stylised ala Bond will deliver the fun and the laughs in more ways than one. There are a number of comedy spy films after Bond. I guess one could say the Bond films themselves is juiced with a lot quirks and fun sometimes at its own expense. Remember when Sean Connery’s Bond came out with a duck on his head and underneath his wet suit was an impeccable dinner suit. If Casino Royale is crazy and Austin Power is wacky the Kingsman is a witty and fun movie – a wittier Bond if that was also possible – shaken but not stirred.

It is a good medicine and stress reliever from the on-goings in real life. And given the current political atmosphere where our leaders turn out to be well less than stellar… well apt.

A young man from the less privelaged part of British society is recruited to undergo training and screening for a super-duper secret secret secret International Intelligence Service and ends up in a struggle with a Super Villain empowered with eccentricities, wealth and ego. Did I fail to mention this particular service headquarters is in a haberdashery: a tailor shop: a high end tailor shop? Well it does. The film is directed by Matthew Vaughn and amongst its cast are actors Collin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Strong, Michael Caine, and Taron Egerton.

With this kind of film one just sit back, relax and enjoy as the (i) action; (ii) repartee; (iii) the jokes; (iii) the gadgets; (iv) the music/soundtrack (I just loved the sequence accompanied by Edward Elgar – “Pomp & Circumstance”- talk about snobs, elitists and their just desserts); (iv) the exotic sets; and (v)the fun is delivered with wit and as Bergarac has said with Panache.

To paraphrase a line from Auric Goldfinger I do not expect you to watch but also to laugh and enjoy. So watch and enjoy the film if you can

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