Piolo Pascual and that Twitter Event: A False Tempest in a Tea Cup

A few days ago. As I monitored my timeline I saw this bit of news of how Actor Piolo Pascual confronted someone on twitter about a photo shared on twitter. This seemed to generate news in blogs, twitter users, Facebook users and even some media. Not surprising. Whether we admit or not the most shared and accessed but of information is entertainment and gossip. If information is a commodity (and it is), entertainment and its twin – showbiz gossip – would be heavily and actively traded. This twitter episode of Piolo Pascual is no exception.

It is potentially a profitable tempest in the cup. One, It will drive traffic to any website – blog or big media that will post it. Two, It will increase shares, likes or retweets whoever posted it. Third, It will possibly increase the social value of whoever posted it. In other words, It would be great for the hits, specially when it starts Trending.

But is this tempest in the tea cup true or not? Is it something like that Bench thing that turned out to be marketing ploy? And incidentally why was it carried by some Big Media outlet without checking the facts?

My first reaction to it was is it really Piolo Pascual’s actual and verified twitter account? There are a dozen or more accounts named Piolo Pascual account on Twitter. Could this tweet come from the real Piolo Pascual or his social media team? If the answer here is no, then the whole thing falls like a house of cards toppled by the sweet summer breeze.

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