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The Importance of a Social Gadfly or In Praise of Social Gadflies

Was Socrates after drinking hemlock pondering his life? Was there any regrets? Did he regret being a gadfly? Probably not and we will likely never know since he did not write it down. It was his student Plato who did … Continue reading

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Election 2016 Philippines: Election of the Lesser Evils: Ang Pangulong Pwede Na

The 2016 Philippine Elections will probably go down as the least satisfying one in recent years. In nearly all local polls except for Manila, Makati and other towns, the incumbents are up against non-opponents guaranteeing their victory. In the senatorial … Continue reading

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A Reminder of Realpolitik in the Philippines: Church and State – From Governor Bustamante and the INC at EDSA

The ongoing serial rallies by the Iglesia Ni Cristo in Metro Manila and soon around the country has compounded an already tangled traffic problem and disrupted the lives of other citizens. Prompting a flood from a number of those affected … Continue reading

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