Duterte s weak link: Aguirre

On the whole the Duterte Government has been succesful in implementing a number of reforms and actions that has boosted the image of Duterte. This is amazing because of the partisan environment in Philippine media and social media. However, One of the weakest link that might have a negative effect on Duterte s image is his SOJ Aguirre.

Aguirre single handly through his announcements and actions/inactions has undermined the government. Recently. There is the statement from the DOJs prosecutor s office that there was no case against the big time drug lords and there is the granting of provisional amnesty to Janet Lim Napoles in exhange for pointing out former government officials involved in the PDAF and DAP plunder cases.

In his interviews and announcements he defended and justified his actions by blaming othersq and resorting to legalese double talk that fools know one. If you monitored these developments you might come to the following possibilities: (1) Aguirre has no effective control over the DOJ or (2) Aguirre lacks the street smart needed to survive. To makes matter worse Aguirre s statements often digs him deeper into the self-dugged hole he is jn — projecting his actions as self-preserving.

These self-preserving statements and actions ot Aguirre actually do more harm than good. Making Aguirre the weakest link.

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