User Complaint: Dealing with Ejaculations on Social Media and Social Networking Sites

What is wrong with ___ ?
Why ____ have to post that?
___ says this is just being HONEST
___ is just being too LOUD/BOORISH/UNCOUTH
___ is not like that offline
___ is ____

This would be a sample – rather a piece – of an imaginary grading form that would probably be used to grade a user on FB, Twitter, Instagram or on any social media channel or platform.The list could be longer or shorter than this. It would include the positive, negative and most likely justification for this or that behaviour. I wonder how we would fare in such evaluation?

Then again we do face this evaluation everyday, every minute and every second we are on FB, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Social Media: Social Social Networks is a set of EJACULATIONS from all of us. Ejaculation is an interesting word it has three meanings of definitions: First, refers to the ejection of semen at the moment of climax; Second, in relation to direct speech refers to something quickly and suddenly said; And Third, is a short prayer that is usually memorised and becomes a matter of habit. In this regard religious or spiritual Ejaculation is akin Aspiration, which originally meant to breath upon. Thus when Brian ejaculated,”O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.” is an example of an Aspiration or short prayer.

Thus in Social Media and Social Networking Sites we see several ejaculations: Both in the forms of aspiration and in things quickly & suddenly said. Social Media is a world of ejaculations.

How does one deal with this?

I. You live with it and deal with things on a daily basis.

II. If a person gets to be toxic it is time to unfollow. The Desiderata was correct.

III. Not everything about you needs to be posted.

IV. If you post something resign yourself to the reality that reactions will be different and remember you posted it in the first place.

V. Honesty is not an excuse to be rude or boorish. And If you are rude or boorish well do not be surprised the way people will react to you.

VI. There things that demand a response and those well that do not.

VII. Social Media and Social Networking Sites – from chats, email to Tweets are public spaces.

VIII. Unlike the real world conversations tend to be flat and unless you are familiar with the language conventions here you might fail to see the actual message.

XI. There is a difference between fame and infamy online. Do not confuse one for the other,

At least this is how I deal with the Universe of Ejaculations called Social Media and the Social Networking Sites.

X. It pays not to be connected to the Internet: Social Media and Social Networking Sites all the time.

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