When PNOY met the Pope: Did PNOY do a Boo-Boo?

Perception is that much has been highlighted on media – both digital and the Press – about President Benigno Aquino’s speech before Pope Francis. During his speech he listed down the sins of the Princes of the Roman Catholic Church before his Holiness and the Filipino People. This elicited a number of remarks from Netizens, Media and Pundits calling it a uncouth, tactless, undiplomatic, boorish and and a number of other things. But was it really?

In the President’s speech he did cite a number of things done by the Church and the Church Princes both the good and the bad. Were any of them untrue? No.

Also, It has been several years that Mr Aquino has been President. And during these years as President has he been the paragon of tact and diplomacy? On the contrary Mr. Aquino has been a model of Solecism. He does not prefer pretty words nor does he use euphemism in his speeches. When he talks it is like the typhoon course and to the point. Probably offensive to the ears but as they say about certain Netizens PNOY is PNOY.

As long as PNOY does NOT commit a crime or does he precipitate a bush fire or war I do not have a problem with that speech nor any of his speeches. And perhaps that is why I do not mind his speech before his Holiness and the Filipino People. Again, It is not surprising he spoke that way, maybe those who think otherwise should have not vote for him.

The reactions to this speech of Aquino is making a mountain out of a mole hill.

What was important though is the Pope Francis’s message to the Filipino People. The Aquino speech for me diminishes in comparison, Pope Francis message focused on the problems of Filipino Society and Societies in general – the ills and curse of Corruption, Materialism and Poverty. It is a plague as old as time – a message that was told by a Nazarene who inspired the spread of religion that bears his name and earned him respect in other religions. This is a more important message and for it to be said first in Malacanan before the leaders of the Philippines and Filipino People is important.

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