Retro-Essential : My Seven Favourite Retro Technology and Gadgets

Movies have gone digital and so have a lot of things. These products of Science and Technology have come about because of our species need to learn about the Universe and our species need to make life – earning our wages and living life – easier and safer. And perhaps we are still far away from the time that our world would be rule by computer overlords like Skynet and still further from the Butlerian Jihad. Still there things and technology some may consider out-of-date but I still find practical and I am fond of. Such things might be deemed as obsolete or near obsolete but for me I like using them and they are still practical if used properly. So here are a few of my favourite retro things : Technology and Gadgets that I still find useful in our world. (Excluded of course are the essentials we need to survive and thrive in Human Society like fire. medicine, food, shelter, clothing and currency):

First, is a set of technology that comes together perfectly – pen, pencil and paper. Proper and eco-friendly use of these tools can be responsibly used to record, conceptualise, doodle and craft ideas and messages. These things are dependent on energy from a battery or an electric current, It is dependent on the power and skill of its user. They range from the simplest of tools to the most ornate A number of notebooks or diaries and journals have preceded blogs and whatever you write to stay hid dens until by accident or design you reveal its content.

Second, Books and more books I still find of high value. In the first place they are more durable – some of Gothenburg’s work or books from the Bayt Al Hikmah have survived the Inquisition in Europe and the Mongolian Horde in Baghdad. They will not disappear when all the computers fail or when your own computer or tablet has gone up to gadget heaven. A number of them are also beautiful to behold. Granted one must be more careful in selecting books for ones collection – selecting those that will not over the years chemically burn and disintegrate and thus providing one;s kin or descendants or future bibliophiles a chance to enjoy the book for a very long time . Point is someone would enjoy it after.

Third, A pocket knife. I still remember when I received my father;s Swiss Army Knife. It was one of those handy things one could have around in one’s pocket. In it you had a pair of knives, scissors, bread cutter, saw, file, magnifying glass, can opener, screw drivers, leather puncher, a cork screw; a hook and even pliers. Today there are a number of variation of the pocket knife including multi-tool devices. Very practical to haven one;s pocket. Unfortunately, because of terrorism and 9-11 the pocket knife has been banished from commercial aircraft except when it is stored with the check-in luggage.

Fourth, the Analog Watch. The watch a precision tool of science and technology. Initially told only the time but later on was used as s timer and even included a compass. For a number of people this has become a mere fashion accessory. It still a handy and quick way to keep track of time as long as you know how to read it and keep it up-to-date.

Fifth, the Printed Photograph. The ultimate appreciation of a viewer to a photograph is to have a hard copy of it: You print what you like and you keep what you love. It can probably outlive a number of digital photos and can be viewed without a device.

Sixth, A haversack: A knapsack: A place to put one’s stuff.

And Seventh, A magnifying glass. As the Wolf said in order to see better. Aging may deteriorate eyesight. And a proclivity for sweets and rich food speeds this up and ensures it.

These are some of my favourite retro-things. They endure. What is yours?

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