The Emperor’s #nuclothes

Once upon a time there was a kingdom neither near or far from where you are now. The kingdom had an Emperor. Some of you might say why would a kingdom have an Emperor, well he liked to be called the Emperor and he was well the Emperor. It is what it is. Now this particular Emperor loved fine clothes; loved to show off his fine clothes; and loved to be loved by his subjects.

One day while he was addressing his ministers a great big explosion happened in the court room, fortunately not harming anyone but as the smoke cleared it revealed the presence of two men and a big box.

The two bowed before the Emperor and introduced themselves as tailors from another galactic realm bearing gifts from their Empress. The gift was a magnificent cloth of great beauty that it rivaled the most glorious sunset. It was so comfortable and light that it felt as one was not wearing nor holding nothing. The magnificent cloth was also magical in that only those fit to occupy public office and intelligent would be able to see it … Even if viewed on a television or computer screen it exercised its magical properties. And their Empress sent them to make the Emperor a magnificent wardrobe and what they only needed were rubies, diamonds pearls and solid gold threads to make the Emperor ? new magnificent and magical wardrobe.

The Emperor was thrilled and gave them a room in the Imperial Palace to do their work. And then the Emperor instructed his Ginance Minister to open the vaults and provide their guests with all they required including the diamonds,rubies, pearls and solid gold threads.

Then the Emperor called for his Propaganda Minister and told him about is new wardrobe to be made out of this magnificent and magical new cloth. And then he asked his Propaganda Minister if this could be made viral on the Internet. To which the Propaganda Minister bowed down and answered in the affirmative. Of course they could use Social Media to make the magnificent and marvelous new cloth viral; the Emperor’s brand more popular; and the Emperor popular.

So while the tailors were asking for more treasures to complete the Emperor’s new wardrobe, the Propaganda Minister and seven social media satraps were requesting budget -money – for the following:

Daily and Major prizes for the Twitter # Campaign
Budget for the Twitter Campaign
Payment Budget for the Paid Twitter Brigade
Budget for the Pre-Event
Budget for the Launch
Payment for the Paid Blogger Brigade
Payment for Celebrities
Budget for X-deals with Celebrities
Budget for Ghost Twitter, Facebook and other Social Media Accounts
Budget for Internet Real Estate ie websites ie blogs, forums and other websites
Budget for Advertorials and Paid Features
Budget for Ads on TV, Print, Radio and Online
Budget for Social Media Monitoring
Budget for Assorted Goods
Budget for Miscellaneous Items
Budget for Meetings
Budget for Transportation
Budget for Honorarium
Budget for Assorted Sacrifices and Offerings to the Gods

All requests were approved by the Emperor.

The tailors showed the new wardrobe to the Emperor but he saw nothing … not a thing at all. But being an astute individual and not wanting to seem to look foolish remarked on how beautiful it was. The two tailors then asked him how he liked the Punk Unicorn prancing about? And he said it was mesmerizing. And the rest of the Ministers saw it and agreed with the Emperor how mesmerizing the Pink Unicorn was. Even the Propaganda Minister who had outlived seven emperors before this one agreed and added that the Emperor’s Magnificent and Magical New Clothes was trending with #nuclothes. It was an unqualified success and the Court had a Grand Ball the night before the Emperor’s new clothes would be unveiled with a procession around the Capital, covered by all and live-streamed.

Morning came and the procession began everyone who saw the Emperor all agreed that it was beautiful and they were charmed with the Pink Unicorn. Even those viewing it on TV and via live-stream, tweeted and posted it was the most beautiful thing they saw and they loved the Pink Unicorn. Indeed it was trending.

Then it happened.

The Emperor’s procession passed by the orphanage of Maria Clara the Honest where a great assembly of children lay awaiting. As the Emperor passed a great murmuring passed, followed by suppressed laughter and overtaken by an army of giggles. The children LOL-ing and ROFL-ing and saying the Emperor is butt naked!!!

The Good Mothers of Maria Clara tried stop the children but found themselves laughing as well. And you know laughing spreads even quicker than you can say Gesundheit. Everyone was laughing and shouting:

The Emperor is butt naked!!!
The Emperor is butt naked!!!
The Emperor is butt naked!!!

The Emperor realized his mistake and nakedness panicked and ran all the way back to the Palace. Now all of this was live-streamed; covered on TV and chronicled via cellphones and digital cameras. In a matter of seconds the video of the butt naked Emperor became viral on youtube, and became the talking point on twitter, facebook, instagram and blogs.

The Inter-GalacticTailors, the Propaganda Minister and his Seven Social Media Satraps and the whole Kingdom lived Happily Ever After. And as for the Emperor his brand did became famous and his video viral.It still a big hit on Youtube. So I guess you could say his wishes, at least some of them were granted. So you could say he lived happily ever after.

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