Assassination of the Peraltas in Sultan Kudarat

Yesterday, I received an email from a blogger friend who forwarded me an email containing an account of the shooting and subsequent death of Peter Peralta and his son, Feljavar in Sultan Kudarat. The news was verified in a newsbreaking story that cane out in the Philippine Star and it also came out at ABS-CBN Iboto Mo I Patrol Ko Blog by Big Tipper. Comparing the three accounts there are differences – specifically in the detail of how the shooting occured.

The Philippine Star News Story:

Winning provincial board candidate, son shot dead in Sultan Kudarat
( Updated May 12, 2010 09:13 PM

MANILA, Philippines (Xinhua) – Unidentified gunmen shot dead an independent candidate, who was winning a seat in the Sultan Kudarat provincial board, and his son this afternoon, police said.

Peter Peralta, who was among those leading the race for five slots in the province’s second district, died on the spot while his son Feljavar was declared dead on arrival by doctors at a local hospital, Police Regional Office in Central Mindanao Acting Director Chief Felicisimo Khu said in a phone interview.

The incident occurred around 1:30 p.m. in Isulan.

“He (Peralta) was aboard his CRV vehicle together with his son who was driving when they were fired upon by at least three armed men while entering the provincial capitol for the canvassing,” Khu said.

The younger Peralta drove the vehicle out of the city compound to escape but the motorcycle-riding assailants still followed them and fired

The post found at the blogs of ABS-CBN:

Election related murder in Sultan Kudarat capitol snobbed by provincial gov. and police
Posted by: Bigtipper on May 13, 2010
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May 12 2010 at around two in the afternoon.. Mr. Peralta an inevitable winner for board member in the second district of Sultan Kudarat was coldly and mercilessly gunned down together with his son and one other while they were still in the walls of the provincial capitol.. Mr. Peralta had just made a courtesy call to his supposed post. On a completely impossible note, no one has said to have witnessed the said crime, not even the capitol guards.. which is quite impossible considering the time and area where it occurred.. but most alarming of all, the only lead for the said crime was let-out of detention and no penalty was filed against the individual.. Some people dismissed the crime as another collaborative plot between the provincial administration and their henchmen to preserve their power over the province.. when will this end?!… We are tired of being pushed around, and cowering under their gunshots.. So let our story be heard!, don’t be afraid to spread the news.. people are dieing here!… I sincerely hope that the soon to be Aquino administration would put an end to this..

This is part of the actual email sent:

I’m from Sultan Kudarat. A tragedy recently happened. Candidates for governor are Atty. Carlos “Botog” Valdez Jr who is opposing the incumbent Teng Mangudadatu … (What follows are allegations of cheating and the filing of election protests) …

At 1:20 pm, May 12, 2010, Peter Peralta (winning candidate for the Board Member of the 2nd District of Sultan Kudarat who is included in the lineup of Valdez) and his son named Strong, were in a convoy with Atty. Valdez Jr. on the way to the capitol for the provincial canvassing. Atty. Valdez Jr. made it to their destination but Peralta and his son got shot at the gate of the provincial capitol. Peralta and his son were riding a Maroon Honda CRV that was identified to be Atty. Valdez Jr.’s. There was the checkpoint at the capitol and when the gunmen saw it was peralta, they shot the car killing Peralta. Though wounded, his son managed to drive around the capitol heading for the exit. he was chased by cars and he drove as far away from the capitol. after 5 km of driving, he ended in barrio 2 where he crashed his car near the police station where police officers saw them and escorted them to the hospital. Peralta was dead on arrival, his son died after.

Peralta is under the NPC Party with Valdez as the gubernatorial candidate.

We fear this is just one of the future series of violence in Sultan Kudarat, a place prominent for such. What we want is media exposure. Especially since that Mangudadatus are known for massive election issues as well. We’re disappointed that media only covers issues in Luzon and only Maguindanao in Mindanao. We want media exposure on a national level. WE FEEL IGNORED HERE.

WE’RE FEARING ANOTHER MASSACRE. We want media coverage to generate public exposure so that there will be public pressure for the safe and honest canvassing of votes. We need safe and honest canvassing of votes. PLEASE HELP US BEFORE MORE TRAGEDIES HAPPEN to the NPC candidates (including their family members and supporters) here in sultan kudarat.

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