The Perfect 2010 Presidential Candidate for the Republic of the Philippines

Let us be honest a lot of us have made our choice already on who to vote for in the 2010 Presidential Election. OK maybe we have at least our top three choices. In a perfect world we would have an ideal candidate. After several months this, at least to me, seems to be the perfect candidate: If I were to be Frankenstein and assemble a candidate from the present crop this is probably what I would create.

Gibo’s Brains
Dick’s Drive and Character
Manny’s Cunning, PR Sense, Business Sense and Killer Instinct
NoyNoy and the Aquino Perceived Mantle of Incorruptibility
Nick’s Green Agenda and Go-Go Attitude
Brother Eddie’s faith and perseverance
Jamby’s Never Say Die Attitude
JC ‘s ability to say No
Erap’s Common Touch and Sense of Humor

Unfortunately, for me its not alive. Then again Frankenstein did create the monster. The Modern Day Prometheus died in the Artic chasing his Monster. Who knows what might turn up if one played with such things. But then again let us not linger on the negative.

What is your ideal candidate?

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6 Responses to The Perfect 2010 Presidential Candidate for the Republic of the Philippines

  1. Sidney says:

    Indeed, wishful thinking!

  2. M. Scott Peck (before he went completely loony) had a brilliant suggestion for a different approach to electing leaders. -Have the presidential candidate name his cabinet and his close-in team of advisors ahead and they should be up for scrutiny.

    The reality is, the President will be running the country with her team -so we don’t need all our eggs in one coconut (sorry to mix metaphors). -We need to see the whole basket.

  3. Juned says:

    @urbanodelacruz, Interesting. And that should work. Nice to see all the coconuts in advance.

  4. markku says:

    So I guess you still haven’t made up your mind?

  5. ellen bernardo says:

    Noynoy…. I think he would be a better leader bec he doesn’ have a first lady yet who’ll be going to say…. you have to do this, take this and that. sometimes [oftentimes] the person behind the would-be-leader is more corrupt than those whose leading the country.

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