The Querubin Paradigm? The Marine Corps as a Sphinx

There seems to be a standoff between at Marine Headquarter at Fort Bonifacio. The standoff which now includes Marine in full battle gear and with tanks and APCs. This seems to have resulted from the stepping down of Gen Miranda as Commandant of the Marines. It is still debatable whether the resignation of Gen Miranda was voluntary or not. Only he can answer this.

In the meantime, one of his subordinates Col Ariel Querubin has declared publicly, before a mix assemblage of reporters and anti-Arroyo people, that he does not accept the removal of his chief and he does not recognize Miranda’s replacement. As a result, the headquarters are filled with Marines dressed for war. To make matters worse Querubin invited people over to support them.

By the way, Querubin belonged to the YOU (Young Officers Union). A junior group of the Reformed the Armed Forces Movement. Incidentally, Querubin was previously identified as one of those planning the latest coup against Arroyo. There were several stories of his detention and non-detention. Finally, it was revealed that he was not implicated.

Well, It turns out he was involved. However, according to him a group of officers, he included, planned to resign their commission and March, without firearms, to the rally at EDSA last February 24. Gen Miranda prevailed upon them not to push through with their plan.

A bit different from the Malacanang version, in that one it was alleged that these Lim, Querubin and company did plan to join the rally bit with firearms. Who is telling the truth?

A funny thing about Querubin’s statement is that he is only protesting the removal of Gen Miranda as Marine Commandant. Therefore, his beef is only that. He is staging a protest/mutiny because of this. Yet, proximal nearly at all times are Anti-Arroyo people, JV Bautista from Sanlakas and Argee Cruz, who have other things in mind. Seems to me that his protest about Miranda’s removal is a legal ploy to declare a mutiny, a legal fall back just in case? However, is it mutiny if only one man stages it? The Marines are out there but they would never give a hint if they were for Querubin or not.

Meanwhile, With the exception of Senator Pong Biazon, the usual gang of Anti-Arroyo and Pro-Mob rule people was on the scene.

Querubin demanding due process (why?) for General Miranda.

Sanlakas people surrounding the Querubin for GMA’s ouster

Politicians, Jun Magsaysay, Imee Marcos, and similar individuals insinuating and hoping for Arroyo’s ouster.

Other political groups … who also want to oust Arroyo

Even Cory Aquino is on her way.

Seems to me said people are there not for General Miranda and for Col Querubin (depending on their motives) rather they are there to oust Arroyo. Moral support? Why do not they call it for what it is PEOPLE POWER IV. They want it, they need it, and they desperately need it,

The Government seems to have opted to let this be handled by the AFP. They did send in the riot police. To counter check the PEOPLE POWER plans of other individuals.

As of this, it there is still a standoff at the Marine Corps HQ. Will the Querubin’s Mutiny bring down the Arroyo government, as hoped by the political lynch mob?


10:24 pm

The standoff has ended. Querubin has accepted the authority of the new Commandant Gen Allaga. The Good General with Col Querubin told this before the journalists.

The odd thing is Prof Randy David and a group of UP academics has declared something like a Diliman Republic. A Diliman Republic? I respect Randy David but he should be more careful lest he becomes a fellow traveler for other people’s causes.

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