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Lessons from the Wannsee Conference, Lysenko and the Sparrow

If you are an observer of Science, Technology and Society one realises that Science and Technology cannot be separated from the Arts, Culture, Business and Politics. In politics let us look at four moments in human history, First, The Wannsee … Continue reading

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A Game of Monopoly or STS in US Industrialisation and Imperialism

Updated post originally written here. Did you know that the game Monopoly had its beginning as a tool to teach people the reality of business and its impact on human society? The game originally done by Elizabeth Maggie was hoped … Continue reading

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Disney’s Chicken Little (1943): Stinging and Relevant in the Age of Social Media

Once upon a time before the Internet and Social Media cartoons were shown as features in movie houses. The propaganda boys and girls of the United States used this as a medium to educate the people against propaganda and at … Continue reading

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