The gambling industry in the Philippines

Gambling and gaming has always been present in the Philippines, ever since the 16th century, and still today. Now, there are many different legal and illegal forms of gambling in the whole archipelago, and all kinds of gambling are managed by the Philippine’s corporation for amusement and gaming, that has the main role of regulating the gambling and public funds. To your knowledge, in the Philippines there are more casinos, than in Macao, which makes them an essential part of the country’s tourism.

The gaming and gambling industry is rising in the Philippines with a hope that will become the leading country in the region where Manila is proceeding with opening many casino and gambling establishments. In fact, there are two agencies that operate and handle the casino regulations in the country, the one is already mentioned above the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, and the other one is the Cagayan Special Economic Zone.

Are there any legal online casinos in the Philippines?

The Filipino residents are able to legally enjoy online casinos, only if they are licensed and determined by a valid offshore jurisdiction, and the most important at destinations that are located within the borders of the country. So, if you are a tourist and you want to experience the available casino games to the fullest, we advise you to visit the legal online casinos that are licensed in the Philippines. And for many more detailed information you should find some blogger in the Philippines and read more about what you are interested in.

The Philippine gambling industry is one of the most liberalized in Asia and has attracted many foreign companies, the president Duterte announced that online gambling will be banned. The president said that operations that are illegal will suffer some extreme consequences, and that he won’t support the casino gambling beyond already existing businesses, which is of a big importance for the best casinos in the country. The industry of gambling in the Philippines is one of the most liberalized in Asia and has attracted many foreign companies online in the last decade to mount servers for players gambling in the foreign.

The best casinos in the Philippines

When flying to the Philippines, the World Mania Resorts will be the first casino that you will see, because it is located in the vicinity of the International Airport in Manila. It is really huge because it was built on a former military camp. Within the complex there are 4 hotels, play areas, a mall with more than 50 shops and 30 restaurants, clubs and theatre that is able to host up to 1500 guests.

The Solaire Resort and Casino, in fact was the first opened complex for entertainment on Manila Bay, which was designed by an architectural firm based in Las Vegas called Steelaman Partners. There are many tables that you can play such as roulette games, blackjack games, and Texas Hold-Em.

We should not forget the City of Dreams Manila, which is considered as the twin city of Macau, where the Filipinos can enjoy a resort full with nightclubs, bars, restaurants, a multilevel parking lot and a 20.000 meters’ casino space.

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