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Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the July 2nd, 2007

In Cubao was a house sitting along Harvard Street and in the house lived Juned.

Short in stature and wide in girth, he is culturally the sum total of the consecutive rule of the Spanish Friars and the Conquistadores; the American Thomasites and the Tammany Hall Politicians, and Ferdinand Marcos and his New Republic or as was known in the vernacular Bagong Lipunan.

A Martial Law Baby and a Edsa I participant, Juned has become somewhat of a Sancho Panza.

Aside from baratillo @ cubao, Sancho er Juned has several other blogs.

Juned also used to writes write for b5media as the blogger for A Feed Is Born blog - all about RSS, webfeeds and information overload.

Here is a more detailed version of the about page, verbose and boring, with the exciting and original title of About Juned


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