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Posted in Politics and Culture by juned on the July 1st, 2007

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This is going to be a proper about page. At least, I hope it turns out as one. It has been almost three years since I started writing for blogs or blogging as the term is called today. As all things in the blogosphere it started out as a personal blog and yet not so personal. It was more like a journal than a diary a notebook of notes, observations and commentaries that attracted attention from the mundane to the spectacular.I started out with Harvard Street Cubao at blogspot and eventually moved to baratillo@cubao and several other blogs.


I am not a techie. I use and work with computers and Internet but I am not an engineer nor a software designer. By academic discipline, I have a college degree in Inland Fisheries & Aquaculture and I also have a graduate degree in Library & Information Science. One could say that I would perfectly pigeon-holed as a librarian in a Fishery School or College somewhere near the sea. Instead, I ended up being a (i) business manager for the family fruit juice business; (ii) a dolphin-safety inspector for Earth Island Institute; (ii) a tropical fish breeder and importer; (iv)an aquarium consultant and pet-shop owner; and an information worker - producing research, abstracts, indexes, and web pages. The most stable part of my career financial wise was and is working for the information processing industry. At present I work for a unit of Financial Times in the Philippines as a manager of their indexing development team.

Orwell once wrote an article entitled Why I Write and in the article he cited four reasons why people write: (i) Sheer egoism; (ii) Aesthetic enthusiam - the feeling to point what is interesto; (iii)Historical impulse - the feeling to record events; Political purpose - the politics in the broadest terms: The desire to push the world in a certain direction.


Looking at the list now it seems that old Eric Blair (the real name of George Orwell) forget to mention another reason for writing. To write a journal, a play , or a blog post is therapeutic. A blog , any form of self-expression if you think about it, can be from time to time and depending on the occassion an opportunity to cleanse the soul - a catharsis.

Then again I write because I can write and I write for things that interests me. It may not interest anyone else but it interests me. And to be frank writing is also good way to fill up the days, especially long days. However, going back to interest … I am a slave to these interests. And this reflects on the blogs I write for: (1) A Feed Is Born - my first problogging stint for b5media. Its all about RSS, webfeeds and information overload; (2) baratillo@cubao - a place where I can post observations and opinions about things in general. Sometimes, I do put up things for sale but not that much anymore; (3) piscinarii:fish crazy - an offshoot of my interest and studies in ornamental fish keeping, breeding and aquarium design. I have been involved in several public aquarium projects both private and public, a resource person and speaker - a gig which took me outside of Metro Manila, sometime as far as Tawi-Tawi and Singapore; (4) pinoy snapshots - my love for taking snapshots and lately the rediscovery of film photography; (5) dalanghita.com - an effect of being involved in the fruit juice business and growing up in a family of foodies, cooks, bakers and food technologists; (6)1read2.org - I like reading and reading frees the mind. Need I say anything else? A blog for promoting reading things whether it be a classic, a new novel, a comic book and about everything that can be read - even the chimera called the audiobook; and (7) radiocubao - an experiment in podcasting.

So here I am it is beautiful Sunday morning. Helios is out spreading the warmth, too much at times. It is the 1st day of the Seventh Month of year, Two Thousand and Seven. I am writing and listening to old wrestlers singing Land of a Thousand Dances. The family will probably go to Mass in a while and We will end up doing one or two or three things , individually or a social unit, today. Near the end of the day I will mostly go back to the computer and do some blogging.

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You can always reach me at baratillocubao(at)gmail.com


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