Who am I?


II. FULL NAME: Ernesto G. Sonido* Jr

III. RACE & SEX: Single Male Filipino (Indio, Tagalog, Pinoy, Flips, and Pilipino)

IV. ABODE: Cubao, Quezon City, Republic of the Philippines, Earth, Orion Arm, Milky Way Galaxy

V. Skills & Interests: A bibliothecary and a aquaculturist by education. An information scribe by profession. A pore overer, a aquarist, a fan of the arts, a lover of food and conversation, likes walking and breathing oxygen by predilection.

VI. VICES & SINS: A gourmand masquerading as a gourment, courage is tidal, enjoys the occassional print and non-print erotica, quick to anger, hubris, and among other things a dirty rotten scoundrel.

VII. ALLERGIES: Subject is strongly allergic to (i)pain, (ii)debt, and (iii)death. And mildy allergic to annoying friends and vermin


* Juned’s ancestor picked up the family name from a list of names provided by Spanish Colonial Government.On November 11, 1849, Governor-General Narciso Claveria y Zaldua issued a decree to systematize the selection and registration of names of the Indios. The decree called for Indios to have first names and surnames.


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