The Sun, the Northwind and the IPad

The reader was looking at his Facebook page and saw the open mic event and then saw the usual flood of messages from the brands across Twitter and Facebook. This made him remember an old fable from the old Greek storyteller and how the death of Apple’s Steve Jobs jump started a meme the following weeks and days…. This post included. If he were going to do a presentation before social media persons, digital marketers and the Brands it would probably only include two slides.

SLIDE 1The Northwind and the Sun

Once upon a time not so long ago, the Northwind and the Sun had a bet on who was the most powerful between the two of them. Then they saw a traveller on a donkey named Fred on his way to the market beside the beach of black stones.

Then and there,.the two protagonists decided upon the contest-whoever could make the man take off his coat would win.

Old Northwind laughed and proceeded to do what he did best. He huffed and puffed. and then he howled and bellowed. At this point the trees were swaying to and fro. The leaves were doing their final dance in the air.Everything that was everything was flying about.

But still the man on the donkey named Fred had his coat on. and no matter how hard Mister Northwind did what he normally would the man kept on his coat. in fact the more he clung to it.

After sometime The Sun told NW, the nickname of Mister Northwind , that I was his, Mister Sun’s turn,and he gently moved NW aside and proceeded to do what the Sun would do and that was to sit on the sky and glowed down on that particular path on Earth where a man at that moment was riding a donkey named Fred.

At first, the man was happy that the wind had died down, although in its path a large amount of trash, trees and fallen leaves could be seen. Still the man was happy and … Except it was getting hot.

Hot hot hot and hot !

It was so hot that the man and the donkey named Fred stopped at the first and they rested under its shade. And he took of his coat.

End of story …

SLIDE 2 : the iPad

Person X was never what you would call a techie, technophile nor a techno weenie. The Cult of the Apple had always fascinated him. The loyalty the Apple users was and continues to be phenomenal and seems to be oblivious to whatever the pundits say.

And in the company where Person worked they began to offer its employees tablet subsidies. Person X bought an IPad

After fifteen days of using the gadget Person X began to understand why the IPad was popular or in the jargon of social media mavens viral.

It was this, It was an easy to use and easy to update. Sure it had its limitations like working in a closed system where everything seems to be passing through iTunes and the AppStore but it had everything there, easily gotten if needed.

The IPad had and has two things going for it ease of use and consumer focused – that extended past the point of sale. Something the other brands should realize It does not have retention plans, nor does it have to use social media gimmicks to promote its brand. Most of its digital or online content are genuine user created, not something crafted in the black cauldron or kettle while chanting double double toil and trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble.

And this phenomenon is not solely something Apple has one can see this in it’s rival Android that has its own advocates and evangelist.

Reader X figured out that aside from being a good product, it has to be consumer focused, with a very good customer support service. And this trumps any staged or managed social media campaign the black cauldron can conjure up.

End if story. ….

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