Social Media, Manners and TMI


With the risk of sounding like Yoda, in the virtual world of the Internet and the Web everything is social media – from the blogs, to the forums, social networks, to the photo-sharing sites, to emails and to wikis to name a few. It is social media because the mover of these media are at heart social beings us – Joe and Sally Newbie. And that is why Social comes before media – in order for it to work a form of socialization must work and maintained.

It is also social relationships and groupings. And in this world of social media it is of no surprise that those in it tend to have likes and dislikes. Not suprisingly similar to the dislike one can have when dining, talking or interacting in the non-virtual world.

When talking and dealing with persons on-line and off-line the same set of peeves appear:

Hatred for Bores
Annoyance for Boors
Suspicion for Salesmen
Distrust for Politicians
Attraction for Celebrities

We see them in Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Blogs and forums

Hatred for Babblers – Me me me me me person
Annoyance for Boors – the Rude Lout
Suspicion for Salesmen – Selling seminars, Selling Products Selling Just About Anything
Distrust for Politicians – Needs No further explanation
Attraction for Celebrities – Shining stars that attract

These can be entertaining and at times funny. It is however when it goes beyond the limit or above the threshold that it can be quite irritating. When that happens they tend to un-follow or not just block the person. It is all social and the things you learn growing up regarding how to deal with people still work here.

“Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use.” – Emily Post, American Author on Etiquette


Too Much Information or TMI. Social Media there is an inherent danger and potential unfavorable effect of over-sharing information. One can see this when a friend discusses about a friend’s fault. Or perhaps problems with the family. Or an affair with someone. Or any data that borders on the too personal.

The habit of Twittering, plurking and facebooking Too Much Information is dangerous because it might:

Put off your on-line friends. Information that would make you go eww or cringe is TMI.
What you say might be passed on … possibly to the person you were talking about.
The information can be used against you for stalking or fraud.

I guess it is true there is no such thing as a privacy setting on the Web. If it is posted, it can be print screen and re-posted elsewhere and if it is deleted it can be recovered.

I guess the point is you do not have to share everything on the web.

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