Amor Propio Online?

to Juned Sonido
date Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 11:05 AM
subject Amor Propio Online?

Dear Juned,

You will be happy to note that I have started the little project we talked about some time back. Yes, I have now started with my blog and have joined several of those sites you mentioned like twitter. Oh by the by, I noticed a lively discussion and debate. It reminds me of the faculty debates and tsimis discussions with Tia Fely and her friends – quite quite colorful. It is amazing though that no one has yet been physically harm during these exchanges.

I can imagine some of the outbursts online stem from amor proprio more than anything else. To injure the person, the self-respect would seem to be behind these on-line outbursts. Of course, the other reasons would probably fall into hate from a past injury or insult and even a form of self-righteousness that does not allow room for talk and not surprisingly debate,

But again we are I guess lucky that so far no one has been physically injured because of these outburst. This reminds me the story of a poet and critic in England who were about to duel but were stopped by the police, only to find out that the pistols they had, had no powder nor bullets. Of course then as now writers’ choice of weapons have been the pen or in our case the keyboard.

What should then be the attitude of a writer or in our case a netizen in what people are now calling social media. How do we deal with all the criticism, insults, debate and even trolling that will descend upon us once we click the send or post button? How do you handle critics.

George Gordon or Lord Byron once wrote a book to get back at his critic for savaging his work. The book was the satire English Bards And Scotch Reviewers, where he returned the favor to his critics.

All my friends, learned and unlearned, have urged me not to publish this Satire with my name. If I were to be “turned from the career of my humour by quibbles quick, and paper bullets of the brain” I should have complied with their counsel. But I am not to be terrified by abuse, or bullied by reviewers, with or without arms. I can safely say that I have attacked none ‘personally’, who did not commence on the offensive. An Author’s works are public property: he who purchases may judge, and publish his opinion if he pleases; and the Authors I have endeavoured to commemorate may do by me as I have done by them. I dare say they will succeed better in condemning my scribblings, than in mending their own. But my object is not to prove that I can write well, but, if ‘possible’, to make others write better

Then of course Byron was a man who was not to be triffled with. Being Lord Byron of course also helps. Of course resorting to a duel to settle a disagreement or a slight even one that is online or digital may not be the most sound tactic often.

I guess that is one way of handling the jibs and jabs from one’s perceived enemies and friends. Then again, one would have to think whether trolling or even hounding a person online is worth it, even if amor propio is at stake, This reminds me of a person, let us call Bill, who was so mad at a person named Jill that he basically trolled her blog. Everyday Bill would do this, spending his time and money trolling and being very angry at Jill. Meanwhile, Jill went about her life and only ever so minutely slightlly disturbed and stressed at Bill. In the end all Bill’s effort were naught for it did not affect Jill who had less and less time to be online.

Something to consider when pursuing an online vendetta. The object of one’s un-affection might just be un-affected by one’s efforts.

Winston Churchill, the English Statesman who once booed a booer during a electoral campaign and prove that he can be as an-eye-for-an-eye person like Byron; also said that there is nothing more exciting than being shot at without results.

Sa Uulitin

Lolo Cho

Sancho Panchito

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