Story of a Gun

I guess you could say I was born without any Father or Mother and why should I ? I am an object made up of steel and designed to fire metal projectiles in order to maim or to terminate vegetable, mineral and animal. I specifically caliber 44 projectiles or what you might call bullets. Yes, I am a gun but you can call me Sheldon for short.

My first master was a business man who owned a big factory South of Manila. I stayed in his service for more than a decade ,,,, until one fateful evening a group of brigands entered the factory and attempted to rob tht place. They failed. But i lost my master.

I turns out he was not able to get a license for me and because of that i become the servant of a Policeman my master gave money to so he would not be fined. I guss it was easy to give me away. Since my old master just needed to buy a new one. Hopefully, this time he does not forget to get a license or permit to carry things like
For years my Master was the policeman. I was the back-up. Always there … Just in case. In case, there was someone to be convinced or to be salvaged. So there I was being used for special assignment.

One of them was the case the Mister X. Years before a young boy saw his father killed Mister X. But Mister X was connected to Mister Politico and was never taken to court and never spent a day in jail. Mister X however was under the protection of the Ex-Soldier – a man who left the army after he became involved in more than one coup attempts several years before. And for years guarded the man and in the course of those years protected the man against assassins. Two of them died but one day he the Ex-soldier left to become a taxi driver and hoping for a more peaceful life. Mister X eventually entered politics and was able to become the Mayor of a town. Then on the first day of his mayorship he received a visitor, a young reporter, who shot him and before he was given the fatal shot or coup de grace, the young man revealed that he was the boy from years ago who had seen his father died. He was taken by the family elswhere and returned as a Sparrow – an assassin for the rebels. With the debt collected the Sparrow disappeared into the folds of society working for the rebels but never again seen.

My master the Policeman lost me when he got drunk and got into a fight with the Ex-Soldier. It was a brawl where the Ex-Soldier defeated the policeman and the Ex-Soldier took me so that the Policeman would be in no position to do any further mischief during the night. Although the Policeman tried to get me back days after he did not and eventually he gave up, thinking it – the process of getting me back – was just too much of a problem and it was not worth pursuing. So I became the servant of the Ex-Soldier.

Now my new master the Ex-Soldier was now a Taxi Driver and brought me along when he went around his business. The Ex-Soldier had grown tired of working as a bodyguard and seeked a more peaceful life, hence he became a Taxi Driver.

It was in one of those journeys in the cab that the Ex-Soldierlost me. He was driving in one of the older parts of Manila and got into a fight with a group of jeepney drivers who were blocking and causing traffic. He was beaten up by five of the Seven Jeepney Brothers. The beatened up Ex-Soldier staggered back to his cab when the Jeepney Driver brothers tried to drag him out again, he resisted but to no avail. This time however, the Ex-Soldier was able to get to me and although almost half uncoscious the Ex-Soldier was able to pull the triger hiting one of the Jeepney Brothers and scaring of the rest.

The jeepney Brother who was shot lived but lost one of his legs and the case against the Ex-Soldier is still in the Philippine court system. As for myself I am again inside a box. The Ex-Soldier surrendered me to the police investigating the fight with the Jeepney Brothers, claiming he had found me during the fight.

So here I am in the darkness waiting for my new master.

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