Email from Janette Toral regarding the DTI, IMMAP and the Digital Filipino Club

I received an email from Janette Toral regarding the last post, IMMAP, DTI and the Digital Filipino Club. The post has been updated with the points raised by Janette. And for background information on who Janette Toral is this is her bio and her connection to the Digital Filipino Club, here is quote from the same source:

She owns two professional online communities, where knowledge sharing and business matching are usually conducted, the Club and Philippine Software Process Improvement Network.[Source]

Anyway, as I said. The post she mentioned has been updated quoting verbatim from the email. And because of this I think a different post containing our email correspondence in its entirety, removing only our emails, is needed.

From Juned
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to Janette Toral
date Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 5:39 AM
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Hi Janette,
I am fine and I hope all is well with you.

Thank you for clarifying the issues. I will add this to the post and I will also do another post to feature this letter in full.


Juned Sonido/Ernesto G. Sonido Jr.

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On Aug 4, 2011, at 0:42, Janette Toral wrote:

Hi Juned. I hope all is well with you. I’d like to point out two inaccurate points in your blog post (/?p=819) as follows:

1. When DigitalFilipino Club presented during its time, several of our members shared their efforts from Sulit, Cashsense, AyosDito. Two bloggers shared their cases: Jayson Biadog and Charles Angel Lacson. My point: our time wasn’t focused entirely on blogging. Saying that we used our time for presenting blogging examples is definitely not true.

2. I end the blog post by indicating that we are initiating 3 more sessions:
– continue the discussion with the bloggers as their policy will definitely affect a lot of us.
– session on group buying sites
– session on dispute resolution

So saying that we did not present the 3rd side or our moving forward initiatives is inaccurate either.

The end output is to help foster understanding of the market that can help DTI in crafting their regulation. On my end, I also mentioned crafting some sort of an outline that can help and give inputs to the discussion when that time comes.

When the blog post is edited, I will very much appreciate that those who got invited to attend the webinar to receive the said clarification.

It felt weird when I got the IMMAP report that non-members of DigitalFilipino got invited. First and foremost, the first meeting was opened to all bloggers as a call for case studies was made last July 20 in Pinoy Bloggers FB Group. I will very much appreciate if that can be indicated as well.

I had a preliminar post as well when I asked the question and introduced the issue. At that time, people are worried and thankful that a clarification initiative is being made.

I will also ask Danny to email those who attended the webinar and make sure this is communicated. As the main organizer of the said meeting, my group should be the last group to be inaccurately reported as I was not there when you had your discussion.

Without sugar-coating, I reported what DTI said as is because all bloggers deserves to know it. And until they enact new guidelines, their current policy holds and affect us all.

Janette Toral

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The email and the points raised clarifies the issues further. And more importantly it points out the need to tackle the issue with the DTI and in general the Government. We need to speak out for ourselves.

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