Smart TV Now and in the Future

The film Rio was being shown on the big screen. And the scene shifted to the slums of Rio de Jainero and people were shown watching television. I am not quite sure what the statistics are but I have a hunch there are probably more television sets than refrigerators in the world. Or perhaps the television hs become as ubiquitous as the radio and still more commonly used than the computer.

It may not be as widely used like the cellphone but you can find it in nearly every family house or in the room of a salaried worker. In the Philippines solar or battery powered tv sets are used to watch a boxing fight or it doubles as a mini theatre from which one will eventually screen films like Rio.

It is everywhere.

And television sets are getting to be smarter.

Samsung recently launched its new set of television sets. And aside from how eco-friendly the tv set was Samsung trumpeted that the Smart TVs – LEDs 8000. 7000. 6600. 6400 and 5500 would not only connect the family to TV broadcasts and cables but also connect it to the Web , of course viewing of web video is still dependent on the speed of one’s connection.

At present of course such television sets can only be bought by people with means and a large wallet – very large wallet. But let us see in a few years the cost of set may go down and with that it may be a indespinsible gadget that can be used by the family to be online. Of course there are other factors that will determine other than cost – Ease of use and overcoming the language barrier.

When that happens we may have an online community more representative of our society. Are we ready for that ?

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