The Whirlwind

There once was a man who loved to live life. Due to circumstances, opportunities and means the man was able to live a sort of comfortable life. He was not a King nor a Pauper but he was what you might call a person of means. And he enjoyed life.

Until one day, when his sins caught up with him. One day the power of his legs left him and his eyes began to fail. Nightfall had come.

His blood had become too sweet, which was probably fine if you were a donut or a piece of brazo de mercedes or canonigo but not if you were a human being.

During that fateful day the strength of his legs departed and all he could see was the blurry and fuzzy movement. And like Humpty Dumpy he fell.

The man was taken to the house of healing where doctors tried to heal the man with sweet blood. His first Doctor was able to lower the sugar in his blood. His second Doctor tried to bring strength to his legs by improving the flow of blood to his leg. And his third Dcctor determined his heart was not damaged … yet While the fourth and last Doctor tried to save his eyes with light and then with the blade.

Soon the man was able to leave the place of healing. A little bit better but not fully recovered: From that day forward his doom was to ccntrol the sugar in his blood by abstaining and moderation. He could see again with his left eye but not with his right eye. It was a work in progress. It still is.

In Norse Legend the Odin exchange an eye for wisdom and in the Frank Herbert novels Dune, Paul Atreides lost his eyes as a consequence of his actions. The man remembered this because the lost of his sight was a consequence of his actions and has resulted in a little bit of wisdom. And it was this it is not wrong to live and enjoy life but it is also important to live life in moderation otherwise there are consequences to one’s action and there would be hell to pay.

The man has entered a whirlwind of his own making and comes out a different creature, with the help of family, friends and o-workers. And as the Beatles’ song goes Obladi Oblada life goes on.

Hello there my name is Juned Sonido and I am a diabetic,Type 2 to be exact. On the road back to life. And please learn from my mistakes. Live in moderation.

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