Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest

I am allergic to large queues in front of the MRT station. This means only two things rush hour or the trains have stopped. Irregardless of the reason, the thought of joining the crowd at station was not a very attractive situation. Even made more non- attractive by the realization  that there really was no pressing need to be at the family abode last night. On such occasions I usually kill time by rambling inside the mall or watching a movie. As it turns out the latest installation of the Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man’s Chest started its run in the local cinemas and as luck would have one of the screenings fit in nicely with the converging of people at the MRT, the downpour of the typhoon, and a lack of things to see a the local book store. So instead of going home to Cubao, I opted to watch the movie and wait out the downpour. I failed to mentally note that the movie would last for more than two hours.

The atmosphere inside cinema was a bit on the humid side. It would seem that the theatre managers decided to decrease the power of the air-conditioners. I suspect during the previous screenings it was becoming a bit chilly.

There is not much expectation on a film based on an attraction in Disneyland. This gets rid of the need to be true to the story when there is no story. It is a visual and auditory ride inside the cinema house.

In Pirates of the Carrebean: Dead Man’s Chest we see Depp and company again embarking on an adventure with Pirates and the Supernatural. This time around Depp has to pay a Faustian-type of debt and to complicate things further there is a new enemy - corporate greed from one of the earliest corporation that came out of English Colonial rule. Captain Jack (Johnny Depp), Bill Turner (Orlando Bloom), (Keira Knightly) Elizabeth Swan, and company are up against Davey Jones, the Kraken, and his ship the Flying Dutchman.

This movie strains the limits in suspension of disbelief mixing all known maritime myths. All we need know is the Sea Bishop and the Leviathan. Still it is all in the name of good fun. The film is full of chase scenes, sword fights, creatures from the deep, sinking ships, and quite good special effects. It is also full of similar scenes from other movies like Jackson’s Lord of the Ring, which is an odd sort of way is appropriate because this particlar Pirate film series will end up as movie trilogy.

And this is probably why despite the awareness that the movie is passing by the two hour limit one does not mind it a bit. Anyway, One gets entertained, it is that simple. This movie like the Disney ride, where it gots name from,and  it was based on is good entertainment. Even if they chop up and used bits and pieces of nautical lore.

Enjoy the ride.

And wait for the next installment from Disney, which will be coming soon - which was stated by a twist included in the final scenes of this movie.

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